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Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park and Slide

Splash and play in your own private lagoon
Hours of fun climbing, sliding and splashing
Designed to keep grass and debris out
Up and running fast, inflates in less than 2 minutes

Vivid imaginations will be set alight within this jungle paradise. Your kids will create their own adventures, escaping the crocodile and racing each other to the oversized lagoon.

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Cord Upgrade Upgrade the standard 25' cord to a 75', heavy-duty, built-in cord to use your inflatable farther from the power source. This cord is designed to avoid the potential power drop from using an extension cord. Extension cords are not recommended.


Play Balls Add these Polyethylene multi-colored, crush-resistant play balls for more fun. Each 150 is approximately 3 cubic feet. These are the large, tennis-ball sized play balls.


Indoor Sand Bags Fill these sand bags with sand, dirt or gravel and attach them to the anchor loops on the inflatable. Can be used in conjunction with the stakes included with your inflatable, or as alternative anchoring for situations where ground stakes will not work, such as indoors.



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