Most people these days keep an eye on their budget, but we all understand the difference between cheap inflatables and getting a great deal.  When it comes to cheap bounce houses, there is a huge gap between a good value and something that could potentially be a poor value, and not provide the benefits you are looking for, simply because the price is cheap.
Home use bouncers can essentially be classified into sealed-air bouncers and constant-air bounce houses. 

Cheap Plastic Bouncers

 The cheapest home bounce houses are the sealed-air type.  These are made out of cheap plastic, and are manufactured similarly to pool floaties.  These cheap inflatables blow up by mouth with pop-out valves.  These aren’t really bounce houses in the true sense, although some manufacturers have attempted to make cheap bounce houses in this fashion.  It doesn’t work.  These products typically run from $39-$99, don’t really bounce, and only last a couple times.  If you are looking for a bounce house, or inflatable water slide, avoid this type of cheap inflatable.

Cheap Constant-Air Bouncers

 Constant-air bounce houses, as a category, run off of a continuous feed of air from an electric blower.  This is how Blast Zone Inflatables work.   This style uses woven oxford materials, coated in vinyl, and allows the bounce house to give a much better bounce, and last a lot longer than the cheap plastic inflatables.  In general, these inflatables are much higher quality than the cheap plastic bouncers.  If you are here, you probably already know this, and are not even considering the cheap plastic bouncers you can pick up at your local toy store for a few bucks.  It’s pretty well known that those don’t last or bounce.
However, looking purely at cheap inflatables, there are a few ways producers can cut corners.  These include using inferior materials, assembly shortcuts, or avoiding safety compliance.  Each of these things may save a few dollars, but will drastically reduce the value of these cheap inflatables to you.  Cheap materials don’t last nearly as long.  Assembly shortcuts also result in a reduced lifespan.  Avoiding safety compliance is illegal, and may pose health risks to your kids. 

High Quality Inflatables

 Because Blast Zone is manufacturer-direct, we are able to provide an extremely high value, at an affordable price.  This includes extremely high-quality materials, an extensive warranty, US service team, extraordinary customer satisfaction ratings, and safe, contaminant-free product, at extremely competitive prices.

These are not cheap inflatable toys (in the sense of poor quality).  Instead, we have made it our mission to deliver as much value as possible for your hard earned money.  We want your kids to be happy, safe and playing for years-to-come.
We have been asked why Blast Zone Bouncers and Water Parks are "cheap.”  We prefer "good value!”  While being the manufacturer allows us to provide the best price possible, these toys are not cheap compared to many other toys, but can definitely provide cost savings over the long-term vs repeatedly renting.

Cheap Commercial Inflatables

 There are basically two types of cheap commercial inflatables:  Those that aren’t really commercial inflatables (by typical industry standards), and used commercial inflatables.

Cheap Used Inflatables

We highly recommend against buying cheap used inflatables.  In 2008, the laws regarding toy manufacturing changed to require materials to be free of harmful phthalates, lead and toxic heavy metals.  Blast Zone Commercial Inflatables have always been free of these contaminants.  However, a number of manufacturers materials were shown to contain these chemicals.
Because the law specified that these products could no longer be distributed in commerce, they became illegal to rent out.  This potentially means many operators needed to remove these products from their fleets.  For this reason, used inflatables may not comply with current regulations, and could potentially contain contaminants that could pose health risks to users, and financial risks to owners. 
Used Cheap Inflatables also likely have very little lifespan left.  Avoid buying used commercial inflatables whenever possible.

Cheap Imitations

The second class of cheap commercial inflatables is becoming alarmingly more prevalent:  Imitations.  Many producers are claiming products are commercial grade, while using oxford components for most of the structure.  Another common shortcut is using oxford membranes inside.  People can’t see it, so why use premium materials in these cheap inflatables, right?  Wrong!  The membranes are possibly the most important structural component, and cheap inflatables using oxford membranes will likely give out quickly.  From a structural standpoint, these are closer to Blast Zone Home Use Inflatables than Blast Zone Commercial Inflatables.  Our commercial inflatables are manufactured with 100% commercial vinyl throughout, including the membranes.

How to Find a Good Value in Inflatables

  • Read Product Reviews – Blast Zone has thousands of positive reviews
  • Buy From a reputable manufacturer – Blast Zone has a stellar reputation worldwide
  • Check Warranties – Blast Zone offers 2 Year Promise on Home Inflatables and 5 year promise on commercial inflatables
  • Look for Local Customer Service – Call our U.S. based team at 877-889-4685
  • Only Buy Commercial Inflatables that use 100% Commercial Vinyl, not cheap inflatables using oxford membranes or other components
  • Avoid Buying Cheap Used Inflatables.  This can also hold true for cheap home inflatables.

Good luck, and happy bouncing!