Commercial Grade Inflatables

You need an inflatable built to last... one that can stand up to the rigors of day in and day out wear and tear, and makes your business lots and lots of money.

You need a product with a proven safety record, designed according to the highest standard levels.

And, don't forget. It has to have mass market appeal. If it's not a blast to jump, bounce, or splash in - you're out of luck. Oh, and it should also look awesome.

Hundreds-of-thousands of proven products in use

We've developed Blast Zone commercial inflatables to fit the needs of rental companies and bounce centers around the world. Since 1995, our aim has been to equip business owners like you with inflatable bouncers and water parks that are extremely durable, safe, affordable, and fun to use.

The result is a line of commercial inflatables that:

  • Conform to ASTM standards and CPSC regulations
  • Use reinforced commercial grade TrueComm™ vinyl and membranes for long term heavy use. This means 18oz Impact Vinyl, with heavy duty internal reinforcing filaments, and up to 72 oz impact reinforcements.
  • Use Replaceable Slide and Climbing surfaces, so that simple parts that tend to wear can be replaced, rather than the entire inflatable.
  • Maximize a business's return on investment with high quality and appeal at competitive prices
  • Use Commercial Vinyl membranes, not fabric membranes that give out in a short time.

Commercial Grade, Inside and out.

When you purchase a Blast Zone inflatable, you're getting a product manufactured entirely of commercial grade high-tensile strength vinyl. From the interior membranes to the impact areas, every Blast Zone commercial inflatable has been designed to be flexible and durable.

This means we never cut corners during the manufacturing process. Your inflatable has been made to specification with Blast Zone's exclusive commercial grade vinyl, TruComm™. Within the commercial market, manufacturers use a wide variety of materials and assembly techniques, both inside and out. Blast Zone Commercial Inflatables use the most advanced materials and techniques, and back that up with our industry-leading warranty, promise and support. Lead, Phthalate and contaminant free (and with the frequent testing to prove it!) and compliant with all applicable safety guidelines, you can be confident that you're getting exactly what you'd expect from the word "commercial."

With Blast Zone, you'll receive not only the best support in the industry from our U.S. based offices, but our 5 Year Promise, a 2 Year 100% inflatable warranty, and a 1 Year blower warranty too.

What are you waiting for?