Home Use Inflatables

Have you been renting a bounce house every time there's been a party or special occasion?

Birthdays, 4th of July, family reunions - the list goes on and on. 

And each time you pack it up, the kids wonder why the fun has to end... and you wonder why that great big hunk of vinyl entertaining your kids for hours really needs to go away.



Durable, Manageable and Affordable

Blast Zone designs all of our residential inflatables to stand up to everyday use and abuse. There's not much point making the investment in a bouncer or inflatable water park if it won't last. You want to make an investment that will quickly pay for itself, and is clean, safe, and available whenever you want it.

That's why your Blast Zone inflatable has been manufactured to the highest standards. Feel confident knowing that your inflatable:

  • Uses materials in the impact surfaces that are 9x stronger than the average residential inflatable material.
  • Is comprised of large seamless sheets of commercial grade material to minimize seam separation on bounce floors and slide surfaces
  • Has been reinforced in stress areas - making it more than 2x as durable as many similar products on the market.
  • Utilizes X-Weave material in non-impact areas - giving the structure extremely high tensile strength in every direction, while making it light enough for families to set up and transport.
  • Meets Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act guidelines, ASTM Manufacturing Standards, is Contaminant-Free, and follows Blast Zone's 7-Stage Quality Control inspection process.
  • Includes All Required pieces, including the fan.
  • Includes the industry leading warranty, Blast Zone Promise, and US support team.


Fun, Safe And Easy

At Blast Zone, our goal is to create highly safe inflatables both you and your kids love to have around. Whether you have a bouncer, water slide, or combo, rest assured that it has been designed with a balanced weight distribution in mind.

Plus, Blast Zone products incorporate:

  • Safety netting that is up to 2x as thick as most other inflatables sold today, Yet soft to the touch, avoiding scratching and abrasion
  • Climbing areas with foot holes and safety handles
  • Splash areas that never pool more than 6"
  • Typically Double the required Anchor points, and larger stakes than required by safety guidelines. "Most products feature twice the required anchor points and all include larger stakes than required by safety guidelines"

On top of that, you get an inflatable that's a snap to set up, take down, and clean. You'll have your bouncer or water park inflated within 2 minutes with the included UL listed blower.


Blastzone inflatables are competitively priced giving you great value. Consider the cost of renting an inflatable averages $300 - the average family vacation is $1,600. Depending on the product you purchase, your new inflatable has paid for itself after 1 or 2 uses.

What are you waiting for?


"It is quick and easy to set up, inflates in seconds, and was an absolute hit at the party."

"Perfect for any occasion. This bouncer is great. My kids love it."

"I was really happy with how fast and easy it was to order and receive our bouncer! The kids love it! and it's super easy to set up and take down. I'm definitely buying another one in the future."

"This slide has been a fantastic purchase. Bought it for my grandkids to use with the neighborhood kids and each time we have put it up, we have to drag them inside after 4-5 hours of playing."

"Excellent product and outstanding customer service."

"So much fun. Got this instead of a vacation...so we can use it all year!"

"I was so pleased with the customer service I received. Very professional and made my purchase very easy."