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Minimize Water

Friday, January 22, 2016 9:41:37 AM America/Los_Angeles

Keep Cool with Less Water 

If you own a Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park, or are considering purchasing one of our Inflatable Slides or other wet/dry combos, water use can be an issue. Water's not free, and many areas are in a drought, or experience periodic water restrictions. 

While many of our inflatables are designed for both wet and dry use, some perform better wet. And when things get hot, your kids will definitely want to cool down while they play with their inflatable toy, so water can greatly improve the play experience when used responsibly. It’s also important to note that on especially hot days, in direct sunlight, slide surfaces may become too hot for kids to use without a little water to cool them off.

Blast Zone Inflatable Water parks are not pools, and are not intended to hold much water. Think of the lounge areas as splash areas. These inflatables should be stored dry after each use, and once the motor is turned off, water retained in the splash area will drain out.

With this in mind, our water inflatables are designed with some features that minimize water use, and you can employ strategies to reduce the water used during playtime.

Small Tubing 

The sprayer systems included with Blast Zone Inflatable Water Parks use tubing with a diameter much smaller than your garden hose. When attached to your hose, this principle will increase the pressure inside of our sprayer systems in order to use less water than the hose, while still providing enough pressure for the water system. This means you don’t have to turn the hose on very much in order for the sprayer system to function.

Flow Restriction 

Blast Zone Sprayer systems are additionally equipped with a flow reducer, to further limit the amount of water entering the sprayer system. Also, the Blast Zone slides require very little lubrication from water flow in order for kids to slide. This means you can turn the water down to a mere trickle, and kids can still slide. Once kids are wet, they tend to stay cool, so not a lot of water is needed to keep playtime going.

Overflow Outlets 

Blast Zone splash areas are not pools. Each splash area is equipped with an overflow outlet that keeps water inside the splash area at a depth of typically less than 6 inches. This also means there is no need to attempt to fill the splash area as if it is a pool. This may just end up turning your yard into a giant puddle. 

If you run an irrigation/sprinkler system in the play area, consider skipping watering after using your water park! The water drained from your inflatable water slide may provide enough watering to keep your lawn healthy for awhile after play!

With a watchful eye on water use, you can greatly reduce the amount of water used, while keeping your kids cool on hot days.

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