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What Inflatable is for me?

Friday, January 22, 2016 10:02:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

So you want to buy an inflatable!

What kind do you choose?

We write extensively about the differences in specifications between Commercial Grade and Home Inflatables, but we don’t write a ton about which inflatable various buyers should choose. Use this simple table to help determine which inflatable is recommended for your application.


Application / Recommendation

  • Homeowner, Parent, Etc (Home Inflatables)
  • Day Care (Typically Commercial Inflatables)
  • Church (Commercial Inflatable)
  • School (Commercial Inflatable)
  • Municipality (Commercial Inflatable)
  • Summer Camp (Typically Commercial Inflatables)
  • Neighborhood Collective (Either Depending on Group)
  • Karate Studio, Dance Studio, Etc (Typically Commercial Inflatables)
  • Super-Rich Guy who likes heavy Lifting (Commercial Inflatable)
  • NFL Linebacker (Commercial Inflatable)
  • Indoor Bounce Facility (Exclusively Commercial Inflatables)
  • Clown, Entertainer, Etc (Commercial Inflatable)
  • Inflatable Rental Company (Exclusively Commercial Inflatables)
  • Party Rental Company (Exclusively Commercial Inflatables)
  • Event Planner (Commercial Inflatable)


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