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Safe Bounce Houses

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 11:58:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

Safe Bounce Houses 

How to Safely use your Blast Zone Inflatable 

Play Safe and Have Fun!

If you've spent any time on, you may have picked up on our safety-first mindset. While inflatable toys are generally quite safe in nature, we do a few extra things to protect your precious children, and there are a few more things you can do to further ensure safe play.

You: Follow the rules! 

Your inflatable includes a series of play and setup rules both on the product label and instruction manual. Follow these rules for a safe bounce house experience. Some rules are addressed here.

Blast Zone: Safety Netting.

There are 2 basic types on safety netting used to manufacture Home Bounce Houses. One is essentially plastic netting, and can be abrasive to skin. Blast Zone Netting is softer, so it is not abrasive. We use this specification to keep your kids from getting scraped up inside the bounce house. Additionally, we use safety netting on top of slide platforms, to keep kids safely on top. Netting around Bounce Houses is of sufficient height to keep players safely within.

Blast Zone and You: Anchoring System.

Anchoring is arguably the most important safety aspect when using your inflatable Bounce House or Water Park. Use it. We recommend exiting the play area at 15mph wind, while our Inflatables are designed to remain anchored to at least 25MPH. Included in your safety manual is a visual scale that helps you identify when to cease use. Follow that!


Blast Zone: GFCI. 

Our Blowers are electric devices. They are equipped with a GFCI system near the plug, should there be any ground-fault, in order to insure safety of the electric devices. We also include a 25-foot cord standard, and a 75-foot option. It is not recommended to use an extension cord with your inflatable, as the specification may not be sufficient for operation of the blower.

You: Common Sense Parenting. 

If kids behavior seems unsafe, make them stop. This may seem like a no-brainer, but kids tend to stay occupied when playing with Inflatable Bounce Houses and Water Parks. It can be easy to stop paying attention to their behavior when they are occupied, so make the extra effort to keep your eye on them. 

You: No Roughhousing. 

Kids of different ages are likely going to use your Inflatable Bounce House simultaneously. You really don't want a 10-year-old landing on top of a 3-year-old. Make sure players are evenly matched in ability, and don't let them roughhouse.

Blast Zone: ASTM Compliance. 

The ASTM provides guidelines for proper manufacture of Home-Use Constant Air inflatables, with "Standard F-2729." We manufacture Safe Inflatable Bounce Houses and Inflatable Water Parks to those guidelines.

Blast Zone: Material Testing. 

All materials are tested periodically for compliance with safety guidelines, such as the Consumer Products Safety Commissions' Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which, among other things, provides guidelines to ensure against contamination with lead, phthalates and heavy metals.

Blast Zone: No Unsafe Angles. 

Blast Zone Inflatable Slides are designed to ensure they are not too steep, and have a smooth landing-approach, so players land softly. Do not allow players to slide headfirst.

You: No Flips, Etc. 

You probably don't like it when your kids dive bomb off of the couch onto the floor. Don't let them do flips, somersaults, etc. inside their Bounce House either. 

You: Keep Cool. 

Like any surface on a hot day, the surfaces of Inflatable Bounce Houses and Slides can become too hot for your kids skin in the sun. Discontinue use, use the sprayer system, or find a way to keep the inflatable slide or bounce house cool in the heat.

Blast Zone: Slide Steps. 

We manufacture inflated safety steps at the base of each Blast Zone Climbing Wall, to the top of the Inflatable Slide, as a landing pad. In case a child slips, this inflated portion will break the fall.

Blast Zone: Climbing Handles. 

Each Climbing Wall is equipped with foot holes and climbing handles, to assist your kids in climbing to the top of the slide.

You: Make sure your bounce area is free of obstructions. 

Leave 6 feet of clearance on all sizes of your Bounce House or Inflatable Water Park. It should go without saying, but we do not recommend using your inflatable near or below any power source, such as power lines, etc.


  • Follow the Rules
  • Anchor Your Inflatables
  • Use Common Sense
  • No Roughhousing
  • No Flips, etc
  • Keep Inflatable Surfaces Cool
  • Keep Inflatables Free of Hazards
  • Fully Enclosed with Safety-Netting
  • Included Anchoring System
  • GFCI Included
  • Safety Compliance (ASTM, CPSC, ETL, etc)
  • Regular Product, Component and Material Testing
  • Safe Slide and Climbing Angles
  • Safety Pad at Climbing Base
  • Climbing Handles and Footholes
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