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5 creative ways to use an inflatable.

5 Creative Ways to Use an Inflatable at Home

5 creative ways to use an inflatable.

To some people the appeal of a bounce house is a mystery. Perhaps for lack of personal experience, some might wonder why it is that kids flock to something so simple. The primary objective in a bounce house is to bounce, which could raise some questions among the non-believers. “What’s so fun about that?” they might ask themselves. If you have ever experienced an inflatable bounce house while growing up, you probably get it.

Remember the excitement and curiosity that struck you the first time that you spotted a bouncy castle? From afar it’s a colorful palace that appears to be made up of giant balloons! Up close it’s a safe place to get silly, play games, and defy gravity all at once! Once inside, you’d quickly realize that bouncing was just the beginning. For children, this magical, giant balloon castle could open the windows and doors of your mind. Bouncing definitely happens, but it happens in between the fun and games that are inspired by the bounce house.

Bouncers are not just good for jumping up and down repeatedly, they inspire all kinds of creative play for children. If you’re not convinced that there is more to a bouncer than just bouncing, check out these 5 creative ways to use an inflatable at home.

Set The Stage!

1. Hold a Talent Show or a Dance Contest, using your inflatable as the stage.  Arrange a few chairs in front of your bouncer for the viewers. Short on playmates? Mom and Dad, or even a few stuffed animals and toys can act as the audience or judges as the little ones take turns showing off their stuff. With a raised bounce platform, an inflatable makes for an excellent stage. The Superstar Inflatable Party Moonwalk is big enough for one star on the “stage” or for a group performance. The soft bounce platform is great for gravity defying dance moves and the mesh walls allow for visibility from all sides.

2. Have a look-a-like contest. While everyone is inside of the bouncer, call out animals or their favorite characters to imitate. You can draw animals and characters out of a hat or make them up as you go along. One by one, call out a character or animal and give everyone playing time to do their best imitation. The bouncy element adds to the fun and also helps kids really get into character, especially when imitating jumping animals like a frog or kangaroo.

To add a competitive element, grant points to the best imitation each round. Have an adult or extra player stand outside to judge and keep score. The player with the most “best imitation” points at the end of the game wins!

3. Play Crack the Egg. Have everyone playing form a circle in the bounce castle, while one person sits in the center. The person in the center is the “egg” and must curl up into a ball, wrapping their arms around their knees. Using their powerful bouncing legs, the surrounding players bounce around the “egg” trying to get them to let go of their knees, thus cracking the egg.

4. Try some classic games like Red Light, Green Light or Simon Says. Many of us remember these classic games played outside with family or neighborhood friends as children. Both games call for a leader, while the rest of the participants follow the instructions given. In Red Light, Green Light the leader instructs players to bounce and then freeze. When the leader calls out “green light!” everyone starts bouncing. As soon as the leader calls out “red light!” everyone must freeze. Anyone who moves is “out” and the last player “in” wins!

Similarly, with Simon Says the leader is Simon and must speak in third person. When the leader says “Simon says bounce in a circle” everyone must bounce in a circle. The players should listen carefully because they only want to do what Simon says. If the leader simply tells them to sit down on the bounce floor, but does not include “Simon says…” it doesn’t count. Anyone to follow an instruction given without “Simon says…” is “out”. Much like Red Light, Green Light, the last person “in” wins!

Have an adventure in the world of make believe!

5. Play make-believe, using your inflatable to create the world around you. The coolest thing about watching kids as they play is how they can utilize their surroundings to create an entire world of make believe. Inflatables can help to set the scene for many epic adventures.

You’d be amazed to see how easily an adventure develops with an inflatable. The Misty Kingdom can easily become a fortress or a grand palace for your royal highnesses. The Pirate Blaster becomes home to the toughest swash-bucklers on the seven seas! The Rainforest Rapids means kids can spend their days exploring the canopy with monkeys, snakes and sloths! Because the only limitations in the world of make-believe come from within, the possibilities for play are endless.

Guided play is great, but for most kids all you need is a little inspiration. Blast Zone Inflatables are about more than just bouncing. They offer inspiration and an environment that encourages creativity and playfulness.


  • Bounce Houses may seem like they only serve one purpose.
  • There is more to an inflatable than just bouncing.
  • There are many different games that can be played in a bouncer.
  • Game ideas include talent shows, athletic games, and classic games like Simon Says.
  • Inflatables inspire imagination and creativity.

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