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Bounce Away the Rainy Day Blues: A Guide to Using Inflatables Indoors

Bounce away the rainy day blues with Blast Zone!
Bounce away the rainy day blues!

Rain, Rain, Go Away. Or stay all day, we’ll still get to play! This is the cheer you’d hear if you had an inflatable. We get asked all the time, “can you put a bounce house inside?” The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!”

Gone are the days where a rainy day meant kids sat at the window, watching listlessly as the rain poured down outside. We live in an age where modern homes are equipped with indoor entertainment. Television and video games may pass the time, but they don’t leave much room for expression. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. While consumable media may be a quick and easy means to an end, getting kids up and playing is an end in itself.

Children can sit for hours without realizing that there is rain falling outside because they are tuned into their screens and tuned out of the world around them. This is no way to sharpen their minds. As the rain starts to roll in, what kids need is true interactivity. If you give kids something awesome to play with, they will create a narrative to go along with it. They don’t need to be spoon fed a storyline the way they are with television or video games. They have the gift of imagination, something that many adults don’t have.

When people think of bouncers, they think birthday parties or community events. These are the bouncers of the past. Today, Blast Zone inflatables come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that allow for a multitude of different uses. One of the many uses being bouncing around at home. Maybe it’s rainy outside, or maybe it’s too hot to play outside safely. Weather conditions definitely play a big role when considering using an inflatable indoors, but perhaps the weather isn’t the reason. You don’t need any reason in particular to set up inside, all you need is a little space.

Rainy days are better with bouncers… Inflatables offer more creative freedom than TV or Video Games…

Making Space

When you’re considering setting up your inflatable indoors or thinking of purchasing a bouncer to be used inside, the first thing to consider is location. Where will you be setting your inflatable up? In a playroom? A basement? Living room? There are no rules! Just be sure to measure your area before hand to ensure that you have the space. We typically recommend at least one foot of extra space on either side of the inflatable to provide a little bit of wiggle room. Even when they are anchored, bouncers tend to move around a bit when they are in use.

In addition to the wiggle room allowed on each side, keep in mind that the blower attaches in the back of most inflatables (though some inflatables feature the blower attachment on the side). You should allow five to six feet of room behind the inflatable for the blower. When you’ve figured out how much available space that you have indoors, compare that with the measurements of the inflatable on our website. The Magic Castle and the Little Bopper are both compact favorites for indoor use.

You can find the inflated dimensions for each item in the “specs” section of the product page. Alternately, you may contact the Blast Zone support team for that information by calling 877-889-4685. Keep in mind that the dimensions on the site cover the inflatable, but you will want to add the additional 1 foot of space for each side plus the 6 feet of space for the blower when determining the fit.


Once you’ve determined where you will set up your inflatable and which bouncer is going to be the best fit for you, it’s time to set up. When setting up an inflatable, the primary concern is safety. Always make sure that your inflatable is properly anchored. When you’re using your inflatable in the grass, you can anchor it using the yellow anchoring stakes but on solid surfaces such as carpet you will need to anchor using weight.

Sandbags for indoor anchoring can purchased for a discounted price when they are added on with the purchase of an inflatable. Our sandbags can be filled with about 25 lbs of sand per each bag. You may not know how to anchor a bounce house indoors, but its as easy as connecting your bounce house to the easy-to-use sandbags.

Rain got you down? Bounce inside!
Rain got you down? Bounce inside!


Now that you’ve got your inflatable in it’s place and you’ve anchored your inflatable, you can finish setting up. You may have noticed that your setup instructions warn against setting inflatables up on carpet. The general reason for this is to keep you mindful of the surface that you are setting up on. Some carpeted surfaces can be very hard, such as industrial carpeting without padding, but most homes use a standard type of carpeting that is much softer. The main point of the precaution is to advise against using on hard surfaces.

If you feel you’d like additional padding around the entry way, you can also place a blanket, folded or otherwise, to your liking, underneath the entry ramp. Generally, we advise the use of common-sense safety practices at all times.  If your location seems unsafe for any reason, do not set up your inflatable there!  This would include very hard surfaces, area rugs that are not secured onto the flooring, obstructions, cramped spaces, etc.

Save your furniture from becoming a jungle gym!

Ready, Set, Bounce!

That’s it. You’re ready to have some fun. Simply attach and turn on the included blower and you’ll have an indoor bounce center right there in your own home! If you’ve found a dedicated spot for your inflatable such as a playroom, you can leave your inflatable there between uses. Simply switch off the blower and let it deflate until the next use. If you’re using common living areas for temporary bouncing, you can fold it up when you’re done and store it in a closet or under the bed. It fits neatly into the included storage bag so you don’t have to think about it when it is not being used.

Rainy days don’t have to put a damper on the fun, and your little ones can keep moving even when outdoor play is not possible. Kids get to expend some of that boundless energy, flex their mind-muscles and your furniture maintains its appropriate use instead of becoming a rainy day jungle gym. With indoor bouncing, everyone wins!


  • Rainy days are better with bouncers
  • Inflatables offer more creative freedom than TV or Video Games
  • A wide selection means there is a bouncer to fit in most homes
  • Weighted anchoring and soft carpet surfaces allow children to bounce indoors safely
  • Having a bouncer means your furniture won’t become a jungle gym

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