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Save Water: How to Disable your Blast Zone Water Cannon

We often receive calls asking how to disable or turn off the water cannon on your inflatable water park, while keeping the flow of water to the sprayer above the slide.  This is super easy, and below we offer 3 simple ways for you to accomplish this feat of engineering.  Choose any of the 3 methods that is easiest for you.

1) The easiest first:  Bend over the supply line to the cannon, and zip it closed.  Simply “kink” the hose before it attaches to the water cannon, use a zip tie to keep it kinked, and unscrew the hose fitting that attaches to the cannon.




2) Use a “Hose Cap” to cap off.  This cap is available, typically for $1 or less, at your local hardware store.  Often this is sold for drip irrigation, as an “end cap,” which includes a piece we won’t need.  You only need the cap, so unscrew the cap from the coupling (the coupling below has the white sticker on it, while the cap is screwed on to the left side of it).  You may discard the part shown with the white sticker, or repurpose it as a mantel decoration as you see fit.  With the Blast Zone supply tube to the cannon unscrewed from the cannon itself, just screw the female cap onto the orange male hose fitting that would normally screw into the cannon. When you want use the cannon again simply unscrew the cap and then screw the hose back into the cannon!


cannon-cap1 cannon-cap2 cannon-cap3


3) Use a 3/8″ insert ball valve.   This is our favorite hack, because you can leave the hose connected to the cannon and simply turn the valve on and off to toggle the cannon on as desired.  With the 3/8″ plastic insert ball vale in hand,  simply cut the hose in half a foot down from the cannon’s orange male attachment,  and slip the hoses onto each end of the valve. Zip tie the two sides of the hose tightly to the valve and continue having fun in the sun with or without the water canon!  Make sure to install the valve on the main sprayer system line, and do not cut or modify the short hose that is installed in the cannon itself, since that piece is engineered to be the exact size to fit through the cannon.





We’ve got a handful of valves here, so if you own a Blast Zone Water Park with a water cannon, and you’d like to add a shutoff valve, shoot us an email with your order number and we’ll be glad to send you one at no charge.

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