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Pirate Blast Memorial Day Giveaway

Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park Giveaway

Hey There Potential Partier/Super Slider/Bodacious Bouncer!  We are having our biggest sale of the year this Memorial Weekend.  Kick off summer with Blast Zone’s best prices of the year!  To celebrate, we are giving away a Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park to one lucky winner.  Share with your friends to earn more entries (Or you could buy one for $170 OFF)

You can re-enter the contest every 24-hours to increase your chances to win!

Be sure to follow Blast Zone on our Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Not only will we be posting helpful articles and industry news, we will be hosting giveaways on a regular basis throughout 2015!

26 thoughts on “Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park Giveaway

  1. oh my kids would love this since we have no pool for the summer and cant afford anything lie that good luck everyone

  2. This could even be a town or at least neighborhood summer treat. Our town has broken down our town pool which was open to all residents (finally); it is one of the country’s oldest pools. But it was so damaged over the years, they finally put the money in (from us paying). to renovate. So it is closed for the spring and summer!

    If I got this, I think I would share it with the town!

  3. We have 8, soon to be 9, grandkids all under 7yrs old. We could have so much fun with this !! Thank you so much for giving this away !!

  4. My grandson and all the kids in are trailer park would love this ! This perfect for keep them busy this summer ! There is nothing for them to do here . This is perfect ! Fingers crossed I hope to win ! Ty

  5. My granddaughters would love this to play at grandma and Grandpa’s house. Thank you Blast Zone for the chance. I just ordered the Hydra Rush slide and it already shipped. Can’t wait to get it.

  6. Hi,

    We live in Florida and have had inflatables in the past that we tend to throw away because we get a lot of rain in the summer and they tend to mildew easily. We were thinking of buying the Pirate Blaster can you tell me the best way to keep this clean as well as keep the water clean in the pool area or is it recommended to empty the bottom out everyday? Also, is there something that you can put underneath to protect your grass? We would probably use this everyday so I am just trying to figure out how much work I will need to do to keep the kids happy!!

    1. Hi Jill,

      For cleaning, we recommend spot cleaning the inflatable as needed with a gentle solution of soap and water. Typically, you can check for dirty spots as you take it down and store it after each use.

      To avoid mold, always dry your inflatable completely after each use and be sure to store the inflatable in a cool, dry place after it has been dried completely. Never leave the inflatable out overnight, even if you have dried it. Moisture from humidity or morning dew, or storing the inflatable when it is not completely dry can lead to mold or mildew.

      As for tarp, placing one underneath the inflatable can help with keeping the inflatable clean of mud or grass but in warmer climates the heat can become trapped under the inflatable, especially when used with water. You may be able to protect from this by avoiding setting the inflatable up in the same spot everyday.

      Blast Zone Support

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