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Bounce & Slide without water!

How To Use Your Inflatable Slide All Year Round

Bounce & Slide without water!
Some water parks, like the Princess Palace Combo and the Misty Kingdom Combo, can be used without water during the cooler months!

Inflatable Water Slides are Fun

During the summertime, an inflatable water slide adds interactive play to any backyard bash. Inflatable water slides and combos can be an excellent way to beat the summer heat and keep your little water-bugs entertained.

But Inflatable water slides don’t just keep kids entertained and active, they also save you travel and admission costs during breaks from school. Families don’t have to pack lunches, load up the car, and hit the amusement park lines anymore. With an inflatable water slide, you just skip the trouble and bring the amusement park into your own back yard!

Not only are they perfect for parties, inflatable slides can also be easily used in between holidays and family functions. Parents can bust out the inflatable slide after school and on weekends as well, and get a much-deserved reprieve from the furniture-gymnastics. That’s what having your own inflatable is all about!  Even the easy-to-use compact inflatable slides can add some zest to parties and holiday celebrations.

Do You Use Your Water Inflatable Year Round?

Sadly, many inflatable water parks sit in storage during the colder months, cold, lonely and reminiscing over the fun days. Every year they wait patiently for their chance to shine in the summertime. What a waste! If this is how you’ve been using your inflatable, you may not realize that some Blast Zone slides can be used dry as well.

Inflatable combos can be used wet or dry, as long as they do not rely on the weight of water in the splash area for added stability. While home-use slides are not quite as slick when they are used without water, you can easily remedy this by sliding in sweat pants and socks.

Bounce and Slide combos like the Princess Palace and the Misty Kingdom work well without water, thanks to their fun castle themes and their multiple-activity designs. Having more than one feature makes these types of inflatable combos great for year-round use. When the weather is warm you can connect the included sprayer attachment for some summertime splashing. During the cooler months, your little princes and princesses can dress up in their regular playtime regalia and enjoy their fortress of fun without water.

For more space and interactivity, several inflatable water parks can also be used dry, including the Shark Park 10-in-1, the Pirate’s Bay and the Pirate Blaster.  Set up an inflatable water park without water and watch the splash zone become a play zone! Try filling the splash area with playballs, plushies, or a few soft toys instead of water for a designated play area in between turns sliding.

You can even set your inflatable slide up indoors in any place where you have the space. This is good news for your sofa! Protect your furniture from becoming a jungle gym during rainy days or cold weather. Using inflatables indoors is a great alternative to video games and TV when it comes to your family’s winter entertainment. It also allows you to trick your kids into exercising without even realizing, giving kids access to physical activity and fun whenever the weather has them stuck indoors.

Don’t Forget About Commercial Grade Inflatables for a Bigger and Stronger Slide

For the thrill seekers out there looking for an even bigger sliding experience, we offer several commercial grade inflatable water slides that can be used dry. In fact, all of our 14-foot inflatable water slides can be used with or without water.

The Mystic Mountain, Roaring Rainforest, and the Great White Wild Slide 14 can be used wet or dry. If you’re a believer that bigger is better, you’ll be stoked that our 18-foot slides are designed to be just as fun as a water slide without the water! The Mystic 18 and Roaring 18-foot slides are made for dry-use, so these huge slides are a great option for the colder seasons. The best part? All of Blast Zone’s commercial grade inflatables are strong enough to support both children and adults, so adults can get in on the fun too.

The Mystic 18 Foot Commercial Grade Slide is BIG fun, no water required!

Safety First

When using an inflatable water slide, safe play practices make the experience a lot more fun for everyone involved. Players should never slide head first and should always limit sliding to one person at a time. In order to ensure that everyone is playing safely, adult supervision is required for the use of all Blast Zone inflatables.

In some inflatable slides, the weight of water in the splash area helps with stabilizing the slide. Slides like the Spray N Splash 2 or the Crocodile Isle Water Park are best used with water, and are not designed to be used dry.  Also, ensure that your inflatable water slide is being properly anchored at all times using the included anchoring stakes, sandbags for weighted anchoring, or a combination of both.

As always, use common sense, follow safety guidelines, and have a blast!


  • Inflatable Water Parks, Combos, and Slides can help make any event or family function more fun.
  • When you own an inflatable slide you can set it up for any reason, or for no reason at all.
  • Some Blast Zone Inflatables can be used without water for year-round fun.
  • The “splash zone” doubles as a “play zone” when it’s too cold for water.
  • Many inflatable slides work better with water, but some water parks can be used wet or dry.
  • If you have the space, you can even set your inflatable up indoors.
  • As always, use common sense, follow the safety guidelines, and have a fun!

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  1. My high school friends wanted to have a get-together and plans to try inflatable water slides. It was explained here that when using the inflatable slide, we should never slide head first. Furthermore, it’s advisable to consult experts when considering inflatable water slide services.

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