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Magic Castle Bounce House

Magic Castle Bounce House

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Krystin Schmidtberger posted on 14 Dec, 2016
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I was looking for a Christmas gift for our kids that would entertain both my 2 year old and a very energetic 4 year old. We considered a trampoline, but didn't like the safety issues. I stumbled across a different brand of bounce house in a catalog and remembered seeing others in the neighborhood before. I had no idea they were available for residential use without renting, much less SO easy to inflate and tear down. Not to mention... It fits in my living room when it's raining! Win-win!

I opted for the Blast Zone Magic Castle after reading that it beats the competition in quality. I also wanted something that had screen enclosures all the way around for safety and for the possibility of adding balls without them flying all over the yard. You really can't go wrong with this purchase. It stores nicely, inflates/tears down quickly, and will undoubtedly wear your kids out!

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