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Can this inflatable be put on hardwood floors?

Dear Jennifer, We typically advise against using an inflatable on a hard surface such as hardwood floors. Generally it is best to have some type of padding underneath to protect from friction and to provide a soft landing surface at the bottom of the entry ramp/slide. Another point to the safety precaution is that products cannot be properly anchored with the stakes, but provided you use sand bags, this is irrelevant, as the sand bags are designed to make the product indoor-compatible. If you feel you'd like additional padding around the entry way, you can also place a blanket, folded or otherwise, to your liking, underneath the entry ramp. Generally, we advise the use of common-sense safety practices at all times. If your location seems unsafe for any reason, do not set up your inflatable there. This would include very hard surfaces, area rugs that are not secured onto the flooring, obstructions, cramped spaces, etc. Sincerely, Blast Zone Support