How loud are Blast Zone Blowers?

The sound of the blower is similar to a vacuum cleaner. The decibel reading for our various blowers (tested at the outlet nozzle of the blower) is a range of 67-83 decibels. The average reading for our various blowers is 73dB. This average reading is...

Can I upgrade to a stronger blower?

We do not recommend using a blower that is stronger than what comes included with your inflatable. We manufacture our inflatables to meet the guidelines of ASTM safety standards. Per these standards, our inflatables are meant to provide a pillowy landing...

There are two air tubes in the back, can you hook up a second blower?

One should never need to attempt to hook a second blower to any Blast Zone Home use inflatable. The 2 tubes mentioned refer to (1) the longer inflation tube, and (2) a short

How much extra space is needed for the blower?

You'll need approximately 6 feet of additional space for the blower.