Can I use my inflatable on concrete?

Please do not use any inflatable on concrete or hard surfaces. This is a safety risk first and foremost, but the concrete can also damage an inflatable. We advise the use of common-sense safety practices at all times.

Why do my setup instructions tell me not to set the item up on carpet?

Some carpeted surfaces can be very hard, such as industrial carpeting without padding, but most homes use a standard type of carpeting that is much softer. The main point of the precaution is to advise against using on hard surfaces. We advise the use...

Can I upgrade to a stronger blower?

We do not recommend using a blower that is stronger than what comes included with your inflatable. We manufacture our inflatables to meet the guidelines of ASTM safety standards. Per these standards, our inflatables are meant to provide a pillowy landing...

There are two air tubes in the back, can you hook up a second blower?

One should never need to attempt to hook a second blower to any Blast Zone Home use inflatable. The 2 tubes mentioned refer to (1) the longer inflation tube, and (2) a short

Should I store away the bounce house after every use if it is only used indoors?

If you will be keeping your inflatable indoors, you do not need to worry about storing it after each use. As long as it is being kept inside, away from moisture and direct sunlight you will be fine just letting it deflate at the end of the day. You

Can you disconnect the water cannon/sprayers without turning off the sprayer to the slide?

Yes, you can definitely disable the cannon to save water. There are 3 way to easily disable it, choose any of which work for you. We’ll go in order of simplicity:  The easiest way is just to unscrew the attachment to the cannon, bend ...

How much extra space is needed for the blower?

You'll need approximately 6 feet of additional space for the blower.