FAQ Topics

Does my Inflatable come with a blower?

Yup. Your Inflatable comes with the appropriate specification blower, engineered to the requirements of your inflatable device.

Can adults get in it?

As long as you are under 200 Lbs for Commercial Inflatables (some units support 250), jump away.  For residential inflatables, adults under 100 Lbs may play. Please note, we increased our specifications across the board to accommodate higher...

How heavy are Blast Zone Commercial Inflatables?

Blast Zone Commercial Grade Inflatables Range from Approximately 100Lbs on the small side, to 500+ Lbs for larger items. We recommend using our Bounce House Hand Truck to move larger inflatables.

Can these products be used indoors?

As long as proper clearance is provided, and proper anchoring is used, Blast Zone commercial inflatables may be used indoors. Our products produce no emissions.

Can I use a Generator with Blast Zone Inflatables?

Yes. You will need to purchase an appropriately powered generator in order to run your inflatable. However, many companies use generators for events where power is not readily available. Your blower will list the specifications on the motor housing, ...

How do I dry my Water Park?

Blast Zone water parks have undergone a number of upgrades over the years to greatly limit the amount of water inside the bladder.  However, under extended use, small amounts of water may enter the bladder.  To dry the water park, evacuate ...

Do I have to anchor my Inflatable?

Yes. Your inflatable must be anchored at all times, without exception.

Does the blower have to be on the whole time?

Yes. Our inflatables are "constant air," and the running blower provides the structural integrity and bounce. This category of products are not designed to be air tight, instead requiring air to escape to function properly.

What do I do if my blower stops working?

Please Contact us for a solution. Your blower is fitted with a mechanism to prevent overheating, so in cases where the motor gets too hot, the blower will typically shut down for approximately 2 hours before restarting. Motors fitted with a gfci at...

What is your wind rating?

While some safety protocols require engineering to 25 MPH, We do not recommend using any inflatables in winds over 15 MPH, for user safety.   The best way to measure wind is with a scientific device, however, below is the US national weather services...

Should the hook-and-loop enclosure on residential items close firmly?

The Hook-And-Loop fasteners on Blast Zone Residential items must have just enough tension to keep the opening generally closed, but be easy for children to open. ASTM Standard F963 requires the tension of the Hook-And-Loop enclosure to be below a certain...

How can I get rid of mildew?

The first step in dealing with Mildew is prevention.  Always store inflatables 100% dry.  Mildew corrodes the materials used in inflatables.  Unfortunately, so do most cleaners used to "remove" mildew.  If mildew does arise, completely...

How loud are Blast Zone Blowers?

The sound of the blower is similar to a vacuum cleaner. The decibel reading for our various blowers (tested at the outlet nozzle of the blower) is a range of 67-83 decibels. The average reading for our various blowers is 73dB. This average reading is...

Can I use my inflatable on concrete?

Please do not use any inflatable on concrete or hard surfaces. This is a safety risk first and foremost, but the concrete can also damage an inflatable. We advise the use of common-sense safety practices at all times.

Why do my setup instructions tell me not to set the item up on carpet?

Some carpeted surfaces can be very hard, such as industrial carpeting without padding, but most homes use a standard type of carpeting that is much softer. The main point of the precaution is to advise against using on hard surfaces. We advise the use...

Can I upgrade to a stronger blower?

We do not recommend using a blower that is stronger than what comes included with your inflatable. We manufacture our inflatables to meet the guidelines of ASTM safety standards. Per these standards, our inflatables are meant to provide a pillowy landing...

There are two air tubes in the back, can you hook up a second blower?

One should never need to attempt to hook a second blower to any Blast Zone Home use inflatable. The 2 tubes mentioned refer to (1) the longer inflation tube, and (2) a short

Should I store away the bounce house after every use if it is only used indoors?

If you will be keeping your inflatable indoors, you do not need to worry about storing it after each use. As long as it is being kept inside, away from moisture and direct sunlight you will be fine just letting it deflate at the end of the day. You

Why do some inflatables have a gross weight limit that is less than the max user weight x the number of max users?

Blast Zone Inflatables come with a max user limit, a weight-per-user limit, as well as a gross weight limit (combined weight of all players). Sometimes the Gross limit is less than the calculation of max users x max user weight. For example an inflatable...

Can you disconnect the water cannon/sprayers without turning off the sprayer to the slide?

Yes, you can definitely disable the cannon to save water. There are 3 way to easily disable it, choose any of which work for you. We’ll go in order of simplicity:  The easiest way is just to unscrew the attachment to the cannon, bend ...