2 Yr Home Promise

Blast Zone® Two (2) Year Promise

For Residential Inflatables

Overview: Blast Zone takes pride in providing safe, attractive, and durable Residential Inflatable Products which have been designed to withstand the tests of time. Blast Zone is now proud to provide you with an innovative Promise that will assure that Your Residential Inflatable will be useful for years to come.

If you choose to replace your Blast Zone Residential Inflatable within a two (2) year period from the original date of purchase, after the full Limited warranty period for reasons detailed below, Blast Zone will replace your inflatable with the same unit or a similar unit of your choosing, without the blower, at a discount of 50% off of the non-sale, non-discounted retail price listed at blastzone.com at the time of claim.

Terms and Conditions The Terms and Conditions contained in this Promise constitute the entire Agreement between Plan Holder and Seller.

1. Definitions: The Blast Zone Two (2) Year Promise is referred to as the Promise. Throughout this Promise, the words Seller, We, and Our refer to Blast Zone. The words You and Your refer to the Plan Holder, as identified in the Plan Holder section above. Covered Product refers to the Blast Zone Residential Inflatable identified in the Description of Residential Inflatable Purchased section above. Replacement Product refers to any in-stock Blast Zone Residential Inflatable of your choosing at the time of exercise of this Promise. Covered Product Failure and Covered Product Fails, and Fails refers to product failure as described in Paragraph Three (3).

2. Coverage Term: The term of this Promise is 24 Months, commencing with the date of product purchase, as identified in the Date of Residential Inflatable Purchase section above or the proof of purchase provided to You at the time of Covered Product purchase. 

3.  What is Covered: This “Promise” provides for the replacement of Your Covered Product after it has failed due to defects in materials and workmanship which lead to the failure of Your Covered Product to perform its intended functions during the Term of this “Promise”.

4. Payment Required for Replacement Product: In order to obtain a discounted Replacement Product under this Promise, You are required to pay a Pro Rata Portion (a percentage) of the Non-Sale, Retail Price for the Replacement Product according to the Prorated Discount Table in Paragraph Eight (8).

5. If Payment was made to Secure this plan, it is not credited toward replacement product price: PLEASE NOTE that any payment made to Blast Zone in order to secure this Promise WILL NOT be applied to the payment required for the Replacement Product.

6. Replacement Products: If, during the 24 Month duration of this Promise, Your Covered Product Fails, Blast Zone hereby agrees to sell You ONE Replacement Product under this Promise according to the Prorated Discount Table in Paragraph Eight (8). You may choose any in-stock Blast Zone® Residential Inflatable that you wish, which is similar in cost, sizing, features or considered to be reasonably similar to the original product.

7. This is a Blast Zone Exclusive Offer: PLEASE NOTE that this Promise is a Blast Zone exclusive, so you are required to order Your Replacement Product from Blast Zone directly.

8. Prorated Discount Table: To determine the purchase price of Your Replacement Product under this Promise, refer to the table below.

If Your Product Fails Anytime From: Then This Is The Amount You Must Pay To Obtain A Replacement Product:

    0 Up To 3 Months After Date Of Purchase You Pay Nothing. Your Blast Zone Limited Warranty Covers Failure Due to When Operated Under Normal Use and According to the Instructions.

    3 Up To 24 Months After Date Of Purchase 50% of the Non-Sale Retail Price* of Any Blast Zone Residential Inflatable You Wish To Purchase (plus tax where applicable).

    Beyond 24 Months Standard retail purchase price.

*NOTE: Non-Sale Retail Price means the Non-Sale, List Price found on Blast Zone s website www.blastzone.com, at the time of claim of product failure.

9. Effect of this Promise on the Limited Warranty: This Promise does not vary, change, or alter any of the terms of the Limited Warranty, with one exception. Under the Limited Warranty, Blast Zone, at its election, reserves the right to repair or replace the product in the event of a defect covered by the Limited Warranty. However, under this Promise, You are eligible for automatic replacement of a Covered Product that fails during the first Twenty-Four (24) months of ownership. For questions regarding the Limited Warranty, please refer to your Blast Zone® Limited Warranty materials or contact us.

10. Exclusions: This Promise SHALL NOT apply to a Covered Product that Fails due to: 1) intentional acts, common negligence, or accident, or 2) not being operated in accordance with the printed instructions that accompanied the product, or 3) being operated beyond the rated capacity of the product or in extreme weather conditions, 4) repairs or alterations performed by anyone other than Blast Zone, 2) the development of mold or mildew because it was stored wet 6) Material cuts, punctures or abuse 7) failure that can be reasonably repaired by the operator, such as holes that can be repaired with a vinyl-repair kit 8) Maintenance.

11. Transfer: This Promise may not be transferred to any other person or entity to whom the Covered Product may be sold while this Promise is in effect. Only the Plan Holder may elect to purchase a Replacement Product under this Promise.

12. How to Use This Promise: You may begin the Replacement Product process by giving NOTICE of Covered Product Failure that occurred during the Coverage Term to Blast Zone® by emailing service@vortexco.com. Notice must include your original order number and a description of the Covered Product Failure. Notice of Covered Product Failure must be received by Blast Zone no later than Thirty (30) Days after the Covered Product Failed. If Notice is not received by Blast Zone by the Thirtieth (30) Day after the Covered Product Failed, then this Promise is void, and Blast Zone WILL NOT offer You a discounted Replacement Product.

13. What Blast Zone Will Do in the Event of Covered Product Failure During the Coverage Term: Once You give Us Notice of Covered Product Failure, we will verify the causes of the Failure to determine eligibility for a Replacement Product under this Promise. Blast Zone may require, at its discretion, any combination of the following: return of the entire inflatable unit for inspection, photographs of the unit, return of the inflation tubes and/or a cutout of the product. This may include return of, or destruction of the original product. Once eligibility has been determined, You will have the option of choosing any ONE of Our in-stock Residential Inflatable Models for purchase according to the Prorated Discount Table in Paragraph Eight (8). Payment will be due at the time of Replacement Product selection. Blast Zone will then prepare and ship your Replacement Product.

14. Your Covered Product Can Only Be Replaced Once: If the Covered Product is replaced under this Promise after the expiration of the Limited Warranty, then Blast Zone s obligations under this Promise are considered fulfilled. In the event of Covered Product Failure, Blast Zone will only offer you the discounted replacement once.

15. Questions? Blast Zone can be reached by emailing service@vortexco.com.

16.  Offer Valid only in the US 48.

17. Blast Zone shall not be responsible for any shipping charges outside of the US 48.