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Build a Better Splash and Jump

In Home-Use and Commercial Inflatables created with the finest and safest materials

Learn the Blast Zone Difference

Blast Zone - Building a better Bounce, Splash, and Jump for Kids

How Do You Build A Better Inflatable?

The best inflatables in all regards.

It takes commitment to Quality, Continual Testing, and Caring about the customer.

Designing and manufacturing inflatables and toys for the global market since 1995, we've learned what goes into making an inflatable that's safe, durable, and fun to use. We've taken that knowledge and translated it into an array of options to fit your needs and your budget.

Home And Commercial Inflatables Built To Last

We don’t cut corners. We reinforce them.

A bounce house or inflatable water park is only as good as it’s last jump or splash. That’s why every Blast Zone product uses commercial grade vinyl to withstand the wear and tear of constant use.

Focus on Safety

Nothing is More Importnant.

Each and every one of our products strictly adheres to standards and guidelines set out by the markets we serve. With millions of toys in use worldwide, Blast Zone seeks to adopt the highest level safety possible. All comply with ASTM and CPSC guidelines for residential or commercial use.

Industry-Leading Warranty and Support

Our US-Based Team is here to help.

Whether you are getting an inflatable to use at home or one for your business, know that you can rely on a U.S. based customer support team to answer any questions, address your concerns, and get the most out of your inflatable experience. At Blast Zone, we pride ourself on our industry-leading warranties. Residential inflatables are covered by a 1-Year Warranty and 2-Year Promise, while Commercial Inflatables have a 2-Year Warranty and 5-Year Promise.

Learn the Blast Zone Difference

Blast Zone - Building a better Bounce, Splash, and Jump for Kids

Choosing Between Home and Commercial Inflatables

Blast Zone makes inflatables for every need.

Residential inflatables have been designed for less frequent and sustained use. Unlike their commercial counterparts, they are not appropriate to be rented out. Take a look at the below comparison to see the differences.

  • Designed for families and homeowners
  • For less frequent use
  • Made from lighter commercial grade vinyl for bounce and slide surfaces
  • Contains polyester oxford support components
  • Complies with guidelines for home use inflatables
  • Designed for institutional use, rental facilities, bounce centers
  • For frequent, long term use
  • All inflatable components made from heavier commercial grade vinyl
  • Can be insured
  • Complies with guidelines for commercial use inflatables