Magic Combo 10 Commercial Inflatable Bouncer w Slide

Top Selling Size with Racing Slides!

✔ Ideal for Institutions and Rental Companies
✔ 100% Real Commercial Grade Materials
✔ Includes Blower, 24” Stakes and Sand Bags
✔ Safety - Fully-Enclosed with Safety Netting!
✔ Huge Size Accommodates 6 Players! 
✔ Industry-Leading 5 Year Warranty!

The Magic Combo 10 is a fantastic Commercial Interactive Inflatable, providing a Huge Bouncing Area, a Climbing Ramp and a Double Racing Slide! This Commercial Grade 10'Wx15'D Moonwalk is a most popular size for birthday parties, events, rec centers and more


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Magic Combo 10

Commercial Inflatable Bouncer Combo

The Magic Combo 10 is a fantastic Commercial Interactive Inflatable, providing a Huge Bouncing Area, a Climbing Ramp and a Double Racing Slide. The Heavy Duty Commercial Vinyl Castle theme is a best seller in Blast Zone's residential and commercial lines, and is appealing to both boys and girls of all ages.

This huge Inflatable Bounce Combo provides one of the best Combo values in the Industry, measuring in at 15 ' deep x 10' wide x 8.25' high overall.  Commercial Safety Netting and Snap-Shut Door keep kids playing safely. The slide and climbing arrangement allows for both front and inside access, keeping kids playing both on, and around the inflatable.

This Combo is great for Rentals and Commercial Recreational applications such as rec centers, churches, schools, etc.

Proven Design, Excellent Return-On-Investment


 100% REAL Commercial-Grade Components Throughout! 

FAST Shipping + 5 Year Promise!

Why Use Blast Zone?

We go the extra mile to provide the Safest, Highest Quality Inflatables possible, while giving you the Best Value and Buying Experience. No lip service - we take pride in what we do, and we stand behind these Principles.

Customer Reviews (33)

Daniel Sanchez posted on 13 Apr, 2014
Verified Buyer
This is one of the best investments I've made for entertaining my kids and others. The kids absolutely love it! This particular bounce house can entertain about 6-8 5-year-olds comfortably.
Keito Ortiz posted on 10 May, 2015
Verified Buyer
The price is right for the quality you will be getting. It can be pricey, in comparison renting a bouncy house will cost you about $300 each time. Over the course of time, it just makes sense to just buy one and call it a day. The model I purchased, is the exact same one I have rented in the past. So it's a win win for me.
Amber Hare  posted on 02 Mar, 2017
Verified Buyer
We purchased this bounce house after searching through reviews of several companies. I am very happy with our purchase. I have been able to set up the bounce house by myself and even break it down by myself. I have an almost three year old and one year old and they love it. My favorite part is that me or my husband can jump with our kids because it can withstand our weight. The material is very sturdy and we couldn't have asked for a better product.
Daniel Garcia posted on 16 Mar, 2017
Verified Buyer
This moonjump is amazing. The material is very heavy duty and durable. The slide part is made to really slide. Not like the ones where you have to drag yourself down because of the grip of the material. Bought it for my small business, and the kids love it and so do I. I recommend the Blast Zone brand to everyone!!! Definitely will purchase from in the future.
Coolmom posted on 31 May, 2015
This one is not too heavy for one person to carry and set-up. Takes less than 5 minutes to have it ready for use. Perfect size for 3 year olds. Can fit 5 or 6 in there no problem. The slides are added fun. One piece of advice...don't pay for lift gate delivery. Ours came on a standard fedex truck and they delivered it without scheduling. Other than that, it is better than expected.
Jesus Cruz posted on 10 Jul, 2018
Verified Buyer
Our Magic Combo bounce house has been quite the hit! We love the double slides it has along with bouncing area. It’s been durable enough and we’re sure we have lots more use for it!
Silvana Storti posted on 29 Aug, 2012
Verified Buyer
Floyd W Roberts posted on 05 Dec, 2012
Verified Buyer
Couldn't be simpler. Took it out of the box, put it where i wanted it, hooked up the blower, plugged it in and in a couple of minutes the kids were on it, having fun.
Ryan W. posted on 06 May, 2013
I received my Magic Combo 10 Commercial last week, just in time for my 3-year old's birthday party. I went with the commercial over residential because I wanted something that the kids wouldn't quickly outgrow, and I think I made the right choice. I was surprised at how heavy duty this bounce house is. I had up to 8 young children in there at one time and everyone was having a blast. When things slowed down, a few parents got in and were able to enjoy it as well. I'm a bigger guy, and I felt comfortable getting in there and sitting with my daughter while she jumped around. My weight had no effect on this heavy-duty unit. The biggest compliment came from another father at the party, who owns a Blast Zone residential model, and was pretty knowledgeable on the product line. He told me that after seeing this one, he regretted not spending the extra cash and going for the commercial grade. I made the right choice!
Jose Ayende posted on 24 Jun, 2013
Great combo I rented this bouncer for a birthday party and it was a success. Everyone love this bouncer.
    Ask A question

    Hi Louise,

    Our Commercial Blowers are ETL certified. ETL/UL/CSA are typically interchangeable, and ETL should be acceptable to Canadian authorities. We are assuming this is a Canadian inquiry, as we typically only receive "CSA" inquiries from Canada. The differences in the certifications essentially boils down to which testing lab owns the trademark for the test name.

    Our Commercial Inflatables are tested to and comply with the NFPA701 requirement for flame propagation, and this is stated on the product label.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Christine,

    All Blast Zone Commercial Inflatables are TRUE commercial Grade, suitable for rental use. These are NOT the imitations hitting the market with residential grade pillars, etc. These are 100% Commercial-Grade, constructed entirely from commercial vinyl. For a blog post covering this, please click HERE.

    Here's a general description:

    About Blast Zone


    Due to height constraints, castles and combos 13' and bigger have shade screens, while 10' and below do not.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi, The current listed weight per user is 150 bs, but the material can actually handle up to 250. 6 players total, 800 Lbs. This info is also listed in the product description, so please double check if you need further info.

    Hi, To view your reward dollar balance, please log into the site using the email and password you used to checkout . Rewards dollars accrued are automatically available at checkout. For more on rewards points, please see Also, please feel free to call and speak with a sales representative for guidance.

    Hi, the Blast Zone Magic Combo 10 Commercial Inflatable Bouncer is approximately 177 Lbs. The included blower is approximately 35 Lbs. The total Shipment weight, including 40 Lbs for the Pallet the Magic Combo ships on is Approximately 252 Lbs.

    Dear Claudia,

    There are a plethora of "manufacturers" in the commercial industry, but only handful are manufacturing true commercial grade inflatables. We suggest you look for a reputable manufacturer with a strong support policy. In fact, we

    Hi Linda,

    All inflatables operate with an electric blower and shall not be used in rain. If the inflatable itself gets wet, we recommend thoroughly drying it as soon as possible, as these Magic Combo inflatables are not designed to be used wet.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Deanna,

    The blower for this inflatable connects at the back of the inflatable, on the side opposite to the slides.

    I hope that helps,
    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Marie,

    Yes, all Blast Zone Inflatables have loops for anchoring, which can be tied down using the included anchoring stakes, or sandbags, which are sold separately.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hey Brian,

    It really depends on how proficient you become at folding, but it is usually about the girth of a 50 gallon drum, and about half the height. Expect it to weigh a little over 100 Lbs, and the blower is separate, at around 30.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Nedra,

    Please check the "Specs" tab on any product description for capacities, dimensions, etc.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Shara,

    While we hope to offer international shipping options in the future, we can only ship within the US at this time.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Tara,

    The Magic Combo 10 Commercial Bouncer requires at least 8.5-9 feet of clearance.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Jimmy,

    We have the commercial castles in indoor bounce facilities getting used by roughly 1500 users/mo, lasting years. Under normal circumstances, this is probably overkill for home use. If you are looking for a home use item for kids under 100lbs each, we'd recommend something more like: We get pictures and reports all the time from people have have been using our home use castles for 5+ years, often more than that.

    The commercial units also tend to weight about 3x what the home units do, so they can be very inconvenient for a family to use.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Karina,

    The Magic Combo 10 Commercial Bouncer can hold up to 6 people at a time.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Wilson,

    The Magic Combo 10 ships in a box that measures at 34 x 29 x 21 inches. The box weighs approximately 140 lbs. It also comes with a blower that ships in a separate box that is approximately 13.5 x 18 x 17.5 inches and 35 lbs.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Luis,

    Our commercial grade inflatables are made of a commercial grade PVC coated vinyl. Any item with the word "Commercial" in the name (including this one) is a commercial grade inflatable and is made with all commercial grade materials.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Lizzy,

    The Magic Combo 10 has an inflated footprint dimension of approximately 15' Deep x 10' Wide x 8.5' High. The bounce platform is approximately 10' x 10'.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Victoria,

    We don't make personalized business banners, but we do have art panels available for use with the panel inflatables.

    You can find those on our website here:

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Tyler,

    The weight capacity and the max user capacity are two different specs. While the weight capacity details how much weight the inflatable can support in one point, the overall max players is a recommendation which has more to do with how much space there is in the bouncer.

    While the weight capacity is a firm limit based on several factors including the burst limit of the fabric, the max player capacity is a recommendation based on how many kids can generally play safely at once.

    If you have 6 players at 100 lbs, it is perfectly OK to have them all jumping at once. If you have players over 100 lbs, you'll want to limit the amount of players to ensure that you do not exceed 600 lbs at one time.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Your Purchase Includes

    • Inflatable Unit

      The actual Inflatable Bouncer, Water Park or Inflatable Combo itself.

    • UL Listed Blower

      Blast Zone Inflatables operate using a constant flow of air fed from the included blower.

    • Sprayer Assembly (Water Parks Only)

      Attaches to the inflatable, and then to a standard garden hose. Use your spigot to control the sprayer flow.

    • Carrying Case or Straps

      A storage/carrying case or cinch straps - style varies depending on size/model.

    • Instruction Manual

      Step-by-step setup and safety rules.

    • Anchor Stakes

      The proper number of stakes to securely anchor your inflatable to the ground during use, for safety.

    • Optional: Sand Bags

      Add additional anchoring for safety, or use in situations where stakes cannot be used, such as indoors.

    • Optional: Play Balls

      Add to inflatables to create a ball pit, or just for more fun!

    Features & Specifications

    • • Max Gross Weight: 600 Lbs
    • • Max Players: 6
    • • Max User Weight: 200 Lbs
    • • Product Weight: 140 Lbs
    • • Blower Weight: 33 Lbs
    • • Overall Footprint 15' Deep x 10' Wide x 8.5' High
    • • Bounce Platform: 10'x 10'
    • • Banner Attachment hook-and-loop fastener dimensions: 20 in. high x 70 in. wide
    • • 15, 18 oz and 30 oz Reinforced Vinyl
    • • 10 ft. x10 ft. Bounce Floor
    • • Climbing Platform
    • • Double Slide
    • • Side Entry
    • • Business Card Holder
    • • Business Banner Attachment
    • • Heavy Duty Netting
    • • 1 HP Blower with Backflow
    • • Full Frontal Net Opening
    • • Anchor Points: 8

    How It Works

    • What To Expect From Your Inflatable

      Blast Zone Inflatables use a constant flow of air, fed from the included blower. As air is pumped in, some escapes through the seams in the material. This creates a stronger inflatable with ideal air pressure, so your Bouncer or Water Park supports as much playing as your kids want to do. Escaping air is all a part of the process.

    • You Just Need a Garden Hose

      Blast Zone Inflatable Water Parks and Slides include a sprayer system that attaches to a garden hose, keeping the slides just slippery enough to slide. A Flow restrictor reduces water use. You can also adjust the flow yourself by adjusting the spigot. The sprayers only require a minimal amount of water to maintain flow on the slides, and Splash Areas have water outlets to keep water levels no more than 6" for safety.

    • Fast, Frustration-Free Setup

      Blast Zone inflatables are up and ready for play in a matter of minutes - with most taking less than 2 minutes to inflate. To set up your bouncer or water park, simply unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, stake it down and turn the blower on. To take your inflatable down, just turn off the motor and it deflates on its own. Units roll up to the size of a medium to large sleeping bag and can be stored in the supplied storage case.

    • Durable, Safe Products

      Blast Zone takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality inflatables in the industry. Our home inflatables use commercial grade vinyl on all the bounce and slide surfaces. In addition, they are assembled with up to quadruple heavy duty stitching. We take your children's safety very seriously. By providing fully enclosed bouncers with safety netting and climbing surfaces with plenty of foot holes and safety handles, feel confident that your children will enjoy safe and fun play.

    • The Blast Zone Difference - Our Promise

      Blast Zone promises to provide stellar customer service. We back all our products with an industry leading warranty. Choose Blast Zone when you want an inflatable that is durable, safe, and designed for fun.

    Premium Quality, Ultimate Durability!

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    Blast Zone Strong

    Each Blast Zone Purchase comes with Leading Warranty and Support.

    At Blast Zone, we pride ourself on our industry-leading warranties. Residential inflatables are covered by a 1-Year Warranty and 2-Year Promise, while Commercial Inflatables have a 2-Year Warranty and 5-Year Promise.