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Mail Zone: Blower Loudness, Concrete, and The Differences Between the Pirate Bay and Pirate Blaster


People Often Ask:

How loud are Blast Zone Blowers?


Blast Zone:


We often get this question, so we had an independent lab measure the decibel rating of our blowers, while attached to a bounce house, which is the most practical application for this test. Each measurement was taken 1 meter from different parts of the blower – The outlet nozzle, inlet, opposite side of inlet, and rear. We then averaged the ratings, which were similar in each position.  We did it this way because most people are concerned with the level they will perceive when using the product, rather than the specific rating of the motor itself.

Typically users are not this close to the blower, so the actual decibels registered by players would be lower, or substantially lower than these results. The average reading for the various blowers was 73dB, with a range of 67-83. The 67 dB reading is the blower used on smaller items designed for younger players, while the 83 rating is at the outlet nozzle of the blower we use on the largest Home Use Bounce House and Inflatable Water Parks, typically designed for older players, which also happen to be products where the blowers are commonly further from the entry or play area.

We usually tell people the sound of the blower is similar to a vacuum cleaner. Reviews of test results on a number of common vacuum brands ranged from 75dB to 90dB, so the more accurate answer is “Our Bounce House Blowers are typically quieter than a relatively quiet vacuum cleaner.”

The List Below Illustrates the dB level of common household noises.

60 Conversational speech
73 Average Blast Zone Home Use Blower
75-90 Popular Vacuum Cleaners

Now on to Inventing a vacuum bounce house that cleans the house while kids play!


Anon Asks:

This is wonderful, do I have to worry about this getting holes in it if it is used on concrete?


Blast Zone:

We get this question way more than we’d like.  Please do not use any inflatable on concrete or hard surfaces.  You need to worry about safety first and foremost, but yes, the concrete can also damage the inflatable!

BE SAFE and have a blast.



Allie Asks:

Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park.
Question: What are the differences between this version (Blaster) and Pirate Bay?  I noticed it said improved design.  Thanks!


Blast Zone:


The Pirate Blaster is indeed an improved version of the Pirate Bay, in that it adds a couple features.  First, an “Inside Return” path is added to the inflatable water park, that allows kids to reach the climbing wall to the slide without exiting the water park.  This keeps grass and debris out of the splash area, since kids don’t have to get out and get back in repeatedly.

Second, the Blaster has a reconfigured pool that is a little more efficiently geared towards kid’s play habits.

As far as the other “improvements” – The Pirate Blaster was the first to feature a couple of upgrades to the design structurally that are more “Behind the scenes” but have since been applied to the Pirate bay, and are included on all Pirate Inflatable Water Parks sold since 2014.

So when deciding between the two very similar items, the Pirate Bay offers a lower entry price, while the Blaster adds the return path, updated look and reconfigured pool to the Pirate-Themed Inflatable Water Park

Have a Blast!


In our Blast Zone Mail Zone series, we answer good questions submitted by you,  our great customers.  Pardon us if we repeat ourselves occasionally.  Some questions are asked frequently, and worth answering more than once!

Blast Zone appreciates your questions.  If you’d like to submit a Mail Zone Question, please email us at  For immediate assistance, feel free to call us at 877-889-4685, or email us at


Rocket Race 3 Blastzone

New! – Rocket Racer 3 Lane Inflatable Slide

The Rocket Racer 3 name may imply that it’s the third iteration of this slide.  Nope!  It has 3 lanes.  That’s 3 times as cool!


An indoor facility came to us awhile back with a request for a custom Commercial Inflatable Slide.  They had a very popular slide, but it had some safety and quality issues that made them uncomfortable continuing to offer it to the public.

First, it was produced before the Consumer Product Safety Commission implemented guidelines for lead and other contaminants in kids toys.  No problem there: Blast Zone Inflatables all comply with these guidelines, and are free of lead, contaminants and phthalates.

Next, they felt that the climbing wall was too steep, and this caused 2 problems.  Kids couldn’t safely climb to the top of the slide lanes, without potentially falling backwards onto the platform below.  The kids who did fall or slip caused the seams to split on the platform below.  To solve this on the Rocket Racer 3, we created a reduced climbing angle, to make it easier for kids to climb, and added a replaceable climbing surface with steps and hand-holds.  By making this piece replaceable, the lifespan of the product is greatly increased.   We also covered the entire safety platform at the bottom of the climbing wall with a replaceable surface, for the same longevity purposes.


The slide they had was designed with one very wide sliding lane in front.  This compelled kids to slide and roll down sideways, and with no dividers, kids rolled, slid and knocked into each other.  We solved this by dividing the slide into 3 separate racing lanes.  This took the ‘standard” slide style and made it more fun and safer with the racing elements added.

Additionally, the Inflatable Slide they had allowed kids to stand up at the top platform, which is certainly not a great safety practice.  Kids could legitimately stand up and fall or jump off the top to the ground, which in that case was nearly 12 feet below.  We added net protection up top, so kids are safely enclosed at the high elevation.

Safety.  Check. safety check

Finally the slide they wished to replace was open at the end.  They placed a bunch of foam mats down there, because kids often slide off the end onto the ground.  We simply added a safety bumper at the end and extended the landing area, so it’s impossible for kids to slide off.


A little investment ended up making for a larger inflatable, but an inflatable that is safe, will last longer, and lo-and-behold, the Rocket Racer 3 is their most popular slide with both kids and parents alike!

With that said, we are pleased to offer the Rocket Racer 3 to our awesome customers!