Great White Wild Inflatable Slide

Dual lane sliding adventure
Safety net enclosed climbing wall
Use wet or dry
Inflates in less than 2 minutes

Users describe this inflatable slide as "awesome." With a 5' drop, side-by-side racing lanes, and 20' long, the Great White is a slide in a league of its own. Watch kids climb, race and splash for hours with the dual lane configuration. more...

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Great White Wild

Inflatable Racing Slide

The ultra-wide mouth of the shark with its slide tongue can accommodate up to 2 kids at-a-time with plenty of room in between. When your kids aren't racing each other down the slide, theyíll be climbing up the back of the sharkís head or splashing in the pool below.

The climbing wall includes safety handles and foot holes so your kids always have something sturdy to hold onto while climbing. Plus, the entire climbing area is enclosed with safety netting.

Own Your Own Amusement Park For Less Than Renting!

Commercial Grade

Bounce and Slide Surfaces

Pays For Itself in as Little as 1 Use!

Why Use Blast Zone?

We go the extra mile to provide the Safest, Highest Quality Inflatables possible, while giving you the Best Value and Buying Experience. No lip service - we take pride in what we do, and we stand behind these Principles.

Customer Reviews (101)

Cyndi Hale posted on 14 Jul, 2013
Verified Buyer
We ordered this for our Grandson, and it is amazing. He plays for hours and don't want to stop. Loves it. Actually the best investment we have made. The safety features are awesome. He is 2 yrs 7 months old and a climber but the safety net behind the climbing wall is a wonderful feature on this item. Would highly recommend.
Greg Coleman posted on 01 Jun, 2014
Verified Buyer
I ordered this slide after months of researching and reading reviews from a ton of water slides from every company I could find.This slide had constant great reviews, unlike slide from other companies. The safety netting was a big factor for me as I want all the safety precautions taken I can.I also liked the slide parts width (shark tongue. It arrived the morning of my sons 4th birthday party. Set up is a breeze and after watching videos for months I already knew how to do it. The slide is a great, just as I had hoped it would be for the investment.It looks very strong and durable and is just awesome looking. My son and his birthday guest could not get enough. A great way to exercise your young kids without actually having to participate with them. We have only used it once so far as rain is in the forecast for a few days.Folding it back up is a bit tougher.My best advice is to make sure it's completely dry and don't try to out race the rain or you won't get it completely dry and rolling it for storage into its carrying bag...well good luck. Its best for 2 people to lift and carry it because it is heavy. Very easy with two people carrying it.You won't be disappointed with this slide, but I do want to see how it holds up for the entire Summer. Shipping was great, product is great, safety netting a big bonus!!
Jennifer Bertrand posted on 24 May, 2017
Verified Buyer
I am a 64 year old grandmother that bought this slide for my grandchildren. They love it, and I am completely satisfied with it. The Great White Wild Inflatable Slide is well made and very easy to put up and take down. The grandchildren were have sooo much fun on it that I had to join them :) Many great memories will be made this summer.
Kristi Denney posted on 19 Aug, 2016
Verified Buyer
My kids are LOVING this shark inflatable! We have used it every day since it arrived. Set-up is simple (we did it much more quickly than our predecessor slip and slide) and the kids have hours of fun. We have found that we do need to allow ample time for the inflatable to remain inflated to dry out after the play period - but it is totally worth it!
Shane Shamblin posted on 15 May, 2017
Verified Buyer
My 5yo daughter loves the "shark slide". Good size and easily handles 2 children. The pool at the bottom makes for a great kiddie pool for introducing little ones to the water. The netting is a great safety barrier to keep kids on the slide and not on the lawn.
Julie Von Heimburg posted on 13 Apr, 2015
We ordered this slide for our 3 year old. We received our slide very quickly, about 4 business, we ordered from Blast Zone! We watched the instructional video which was included, it was helpful. The whole set up is very easy, it only took about 30 seconds to blow the slide up. My 3 year old loved it, I was very impressed! The main reason we picked this slide was because of all the positive reviews. The product is very well made and very durable. We have not hooked the water up to it yet, only used it dry and he still loves it! It was not hard to fold back up, I folded it back up similar to the way it came, only after we had it in a long 2 ft strip we rolled it up instead of folding. It fits perfect in the storage bag with plenty of room for the additional attachments (excluding the blower). We love this product and are very happy with it!
donald self posted on 19 Apr, 2016
I love it and the kids love it easy to set up and the kids have fun all day
Linda Smith posted on 23 May, 2016
"Best time ever" had by all! "Gramma of the year award" is MINE thanks to Blast Zone! The kids actually cry when the day is over and it is time to go home!
Jung Sik Lee posted on 07 Apr, 2017
Verified Buyer
You don't have to do anything except plug its blower and that's it. Very studdy and safe! My son loves it and plays all day long. Great product and good customer service. Thanks Blastzone!
Saideh Thaw posted on 24 Apr, 2018
Verified Buyer
Our 3 kids under 6 love this water slide. I'm including a link to a video of my kids having a blast with it within minutes of unpacking it for the first time. We also used it for my son's 6th birthday party and it held up perfectly for a group of 6 to 7 year olds. During the birthday party, we made sure that the kids used it properly by climbing up the back, instead of up the slide, to prevent any mishaps, and everything went smoothly. I picked this water slide over others because it fit nicely in my backyard with its slim design, it had great reviews, the safety net, the cool shark theme, two lanes for twice the fun. After researching online it seemed like this company had the longest lasting slides, best reputation and the best warranty I could find, compared to others. We did buy a tarp to place under it, just to be extra cautious as there are some rocks in the dirt in our backyard. So far, so good. Have had absolutely no problems with this slide. Overall, very happy with our purchase and well worth it for all the hours of active fun the kids have had. Here's the link for the video!
    Ask A question

    Hi Elvira,

    Most of our slides will be approximately 5' high at the top platform, for safety purposes, with the exception of very small slides like Tropical Splash. Slide lengths for your various questions, as well as other dimensions can typically be found in the specs tab on the item description page.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Eyal,

    You'd need a converter. All of our products in the US run on 110.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi, Blast Zone Home use Inflatables are rated for users up to 100 Lbs each.

    Hi, We do not currently ship to Italy, but we can ship to a freight forwarder in the US of your choosing at no charge.

    Hi, The Great White Shark Inflatable Slide is rated to ages 3+ So as long as the user is under 100 lbs, the max age is pretty irrelevant. It really boils down to whether the user has interest in this type of product or not. Typically, interest in this type of product peaks out in middle school.

    Hi, All Blast Zone Inflatables include the blower.

    HI, All Blast Zone Home Use Inflatables are backed by a 1 year warranty on the inflatable, a 1 year warranty on the blower and Blast Zone's exclusive 2-year promise. Commercial Inflatables carry a 2 year warranty and are backed by a 5 year promise. Details are here:

    Dear Eric,

    The weight capacity for this inflatable is based on several factors, including both the capacity of the blower and the burst limit of the fabric.

    While this inflatable can indeed support an accumulative weight of 400 lbs max, it is not designed to support more than 100 lbs focused in one area. Beyond that point, you run the risk of damaging the inflatable.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Angela,

    You can purchase sprayer assemblies from the "accessories" section of our website.

    Alternately, you can navigate directly to the page here:

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Bonnie,

    This slide can support up to 400 lbs at once, with 2 kids sliding at a time, and 2 kids climbing. The maximum weight capacity per person is 100 lbs per user.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Mom,

    This inflatable is better when used with water, as the water element helps to lubricate the slide and the weight of the water in the splash area helps to anchor the inflatable.

    As long as it is properly anchored, this inflatable can be used dry, but in general, it is not recommended.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Sarah Rose,

    The weight limit is 100 Lbs per user, 2 users sliding, with 2 users loading (climbing up the back).

    For more detailed specifications, please see the specs tab not he product page,

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Karen,

    If you are facing the Shark Slide, the hose attaches to the sprayer system on the right side of the inflatable. If you are facing the climbing wall in the back, it'd be on your left-hand side.

    The sprayer assembly's hose connection is on the opposite side of the blower. It might also be helpful to view the video for this item to get a better idea. You can view the video under the video tab of the item page, or you can watch it here: .

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Carla,

    All Home-Use Slides and Bounce Houses are designed for use by children weighing 100 lbs or less.

    A smaller adult who weighs less than 100 lbs can slide, but in general we'd recommend the commercial grade version of this slide for adults.

    You can view the commercial grade version here:

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Dave,

    After your inflatable is completely dry, the best way to fold it up small is to first let as much air out of the inflatable as you can. You can do this by opening both yellow air tubes.

    Once your inflatable has been deflated, fold it length wise a few times until it is a width that suits your storage space. Be sure to situate air tubes so that you can squeeze out excess air as your fold.

    Starting at the end of the splash area, roll your inflatable up like a sleeping bag. You can kneel on the rolled up inflatable as you go to use your body weight to expel any remaining air.

    Once it is fully rolled up, tuck in the yellow air tube and secure your inflatable with the included storage straps.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Shannon,

    Once inflated, the Great White Shark Slide measures just under 9' tall at the highest point of the inflatable, the top of the sharks head.

    The actual slide height would be approximately 5' from the ground to the top of the slide platform, where you'd sit before sliding.

    I hope that clears things up!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Cindy,

    This inflatable is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Nichole,

    You should never set your inflatable up on pavers, concrete, or on any hard surfaces. If you are planning to set your inflatable up on a hard surface you will need ample padding for the ground.

    Safety should always be you're primary concern when determining where to set up your inflatable. We recommend setting up on soft surfaces only, such as grass or carpet.

    Blast Zone Support

    Blast Zone Support


    Dear Sara,

    Yes, you can purchase replacement sprayer system kits here:

    Simply choose "Great White Wild Slide Hose System Kit" from the drop down menu before adding to your cart to ensure you get the correct system.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Dawn,

    The Great White Wild Slide is designed for use by players up to 100 lbs each. This inflatable slide will only be suitable for 16 year olds weighing 100 lbs or less, with 2 at a time sliding, and 2 at a time climbing up the back.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Your Purchase Includes

    • Inflatable Unit

      The actual Inflatable Bouncer, Water Park or Inflatable Combo itself.

    • UL Listed Blower

      Blast Zone Inflatables operate using a constant flow of air fed from the included blower.

    • Sprayer Assembly (Water Parks Only)

      Attaches to the inflatable, and then to a standard garden hose. Use your spigot to control the sprayer flow.

    • Carrying Case or Straps

      A storage/carrying case or cinch straps - style varies depending on size/model.

    • Instruction Manual

      Step-by-step setup and safety rules.

    • Anchor Stakes

      The proper number of stakes to securely anchor your inflatable to the ground during use, for safety.

    • Optional: Sand Bags

      Add additional anchoring for safety, or use in situations where stakes cannot be used, such as indoors.

    • Optional: Play Balls

      Add to inflatables to create a ball pit, or just for more fun!

    Features & Specifications

    • • Dual Lane Slide
    • • Splash Area
    • • Included Fan W GFCI
    • • Climbing Wall
    • • Fun Shark Theme
    • • Safety Netting
    • • Commercial Vinyl Impact Surfaces
    • • Double and Quadruple Stitching
    • • Includes Storage Case or Straps
    • • Inflates in Seconds
    • • Recommended Age: 3+
    • • Inflated Dimensions: Approx 21' L x 6' W x 9' H
    • • Slide Dimensions: 104"L x 52"W
    • • Max Gross Weight on Inflated Structure: 400 Lbs
    • • Shipping Size: 17" x 17" x 38"
    • • Max User Weight: 100 Lbs
    • • Max Users on Slides: 2
    • • Blower: 680W
    • • Slide Length: 9' Ea
    • • Product Weight: 66 Lbs
    • • Max Users on Climber: 2

    How It Works

    • What To Expect From Your Inflatable

      Blast Zone Inflatables use a constant flow of air, fed from the included blower. As air is pumped in, some escapes through the seams in the material. This creates a stronger inflatable with ideal air pressure, so your Bouncer or Water Park supports as much playing as your kids want to do. Escaping air is all a part of the process.

    • You Just Need a Garden Hose

      Blast Zone Inflatable Water Parks and Slides include a sprayer system that attaches to a garden hose, keeping the slides just slippery enough to slide. A Flow restrictor reduces water use. You can also adjust the flow yourself by adjusting the spigot. The sprayers only require a minimal amount of water to maintain flow on the slides, and Splash Areas have water outlets to keep water levels no more than 6" for safety.

    • Fast, Frustration-Free Setup

      Blast Zone inflatables are up and ready for play in a matter of minutes - with most taking less than 2 minutes to inflate. To set up your bouncer or water park, simply unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, stake it down and turn the blower on. To take your inflatable down, just turn off the motor and it deflates on its own. Units roll up to the size of a medium to large sleeping bag and can be stored in the supplied storage case.

    • Durable, Safe Products

      Blast Zone takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality inflatables in the industry. Our home inflatables use commercial grade vinyl on all the bounce and slide surfaces. In addition, they are assembled with up to quadruple heavy duty stitching. We take your children's safety very seriously. By providing fully enclosed bouncers with safety netting and climbing surfaces with plenty of foot holes and safety handles, feel confident that your children will enjoy safe and fun play.

    • The Blast Zone Difference - Our Promise

      Blast Zone promises to provide stellar customer service. We back all our products with an industry leading warranty. Choose Blast Zone when you want an inflatable that is durable, safe, and designed for fun.

    Premium Quality, Ultimate Durability!

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    Each Blast Zone Purchase comes with Leading Warranty and Support.

    At Blast Zone, we pride ourself on our industry-leading warranties. Residential inflatables are covered by a 1-Year Warranty and 2-Year Promise, while Commercial Inflatables have a 2-Year Warranty and 5-Year Promise.