Hydro Rush Water Park

Hours of splashing fun for the kids
Lightweight and portable for you
Keeps grass and debris out
Fun Curved Slide and Water Cannon
Accommodates up to 6 kids at a time

If you're looking for a versatile water park that's on the manageable side, the Hydro Rush is for you. With a water slide, splash area, water cannon and climber, this inflatable has multiple activities to keep the kids interested while maintaining easy setup.


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Feature-Filled and Manageable

Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

A 10-Foot Curved Slide, showered by 2 Overhead Sprayers, landing in a generous Splash Area! Kids love zooming down from the top of the Climbing Wall to the splash area below. Need a break from climbing and sliding? Use the Spray Cannon! Adults can get in on this part too!

The circular layout of the Hydro Rush keeps players from exiting and re-entering the Splash Area repeatedly, reducing grass and debris, and keeping your inflatable cleaner.

Made with commercial grade vinyl, the climbing and slide surfaces are built to last. The Hydro Rush accommodates up to 6 children safely.

Own the Amusement Park, For Less Than Renting!
10' Curved Slide

Commercial Grade Slide Surface and extra high safety rails.

Shallow Wading Splash Area

Doesn't pool over 6", for your family's safety.

Water Cannon

Grab the handles, and spray players as they splash around!

Inside Return Path

Never exit the park to climb the slide. Keeps debris out

Climbing Wall

Climbing wall with easy-to-use Footholes and climbing handles.

Why Use Blast Zone?

We go the extra mile to provide the Safest, Highest Quality Inflatables possible, while giving you the Best Value and Buying Experience. No lip service - we take pride in what we do, and we stand behind these Principles.

Customer Reviews (284)

Ksue Grant posted on 29 Jun, 2014
Both my husband & I were amazed w/the quality. Very well made. My son and his friends played on as well as one of our older daughters. They had a blast playing on/in it. Blowing it up was easy and assembly very easy also. We purchased the 75' cord as well and that was a great investment for us as well. Made our own "balls" out of cut up noodles that I saw another reviewer had done. It worked well. Clean up was not hard, let it dry in the sun, took it down and wiped it as folding it and put it in the storage bag that came with it. Overall, would highly recommend if you are looking for water backyard fun!!!
Diana Keenan posted on 01 Jul, 2016
Verified Buyer
I bought this for my grandchildren ages 10, 6, 2 and they love it. Having lots of fun. It was easy to set up-I did it myself. Taking down and rolling up is a little harder-needed help. Would definitely recommend this slide. Was nervous about buying it especially if it would be fun for the 10 year old-he loves it. It is also well made. Hard time keeping them off it and we have a small pool!
Leon Adams Iii posted on 05 Aug, 2015
Was concerned that a bit of smoke and mirror trickery was at play, but I was so wrong. Expected a far more inferior product, but what I got was a quality inflatable at an amazing price. Thought it would be on the smaller side but it was true to form, just as pictured. Motor seems solid enough, thought it might sputter out on me but it did not. Inflatable parts are like a breathable nylon, I figured they would be thin and flimsy, but it's a solid piece of equiptment. I bought this thinking it would be good for one or two uses and that is till yet to be seen, but it certainly seems strong enough to last quite a while. As of its unpack aging and first use, I have been completely wrong about this product, it far surpasses my expectations and I highly recommend this product.
Desiree Magginnis posted on 01 Jun, 2014
We love our water slide! Our friends are impressed at the quality construction. Our kids and their friends are really enjoying it. It is super easy to set up and we love that it fits easily back into its travel bag so we can take it on the go. We ordered the longer cord and I feel that was definitely worth not having to worry about extension cords.our summer is definitely going to be full of fun with our Blast Zone product!
Debra Spencer posted on 26 May, 2015
Just received my Hydro Rush. It came SUPER FAST! I have 8 children, 5 of which are boys that are 11, 5, 4 and twin 2. THEY LOVE IT! Twins can't yet get up slide, but love to play in the pool area. I know by the end of summer they will have mastered it. Great water fun alternative to all the pools at local stores. We chose this because we were worried about a pool and someone drowning. The big boys like the thrill factor of the big slide and the little ones love to splash around in the wading area. My only hind site is I wish I would have ordered the longer blower cord. The 25 foot works just fine, however I would now like to put it in different places around the yard to spare the grass the wear and tear when we put it up. A longer cord would have given us more options for placement. Just something to think about if your looking to buy one. Also this is great quality, which is why I bought this brand. Other brands had such mixed reviews and my experience concurs with reviews I read about Blast Zone. Great materials and stitching. Should last us several summers if we do our part well of packing it up for the winter!
Dina S posted on 21 Jul, 2015
My children love this product and it has been a lifesaver for us this summer! Great way to burn energy and cool down. I have a 6 year old and 2 year old and it easily entertains both age ranges. We like that we can still enjoy the slide even if it is not connected to a water supply. The weight is not so much that you cannot easily move it in and out of the yard. We prefer to use a large storage plastic storage container to store the slide instead of the bag.
Jessica Isbell posted on 11 May, 2016
Verified Buyer
You can't go wrong with BlastZone inflatables. We ourchased our first one in 2012 and it is still going strong 4 years later. We've done birthday parties, team parties, and regular weekend fun with friends. I decided to buy this one this year because it is lighter than the Pirate Bay one and my kids didn't use the bounce house part of that one anymore. Customer service has been great, shipping was fast, and very easy to get it unboxed and ready for use. Be sure to let completely dry before storing and I recommend storing in a temperature controlled space.
Maria Gonzalez posted on 30 May, 2017
Verified Buyer
We have only had the slide for a month but the kids (21/2 and 5yrs) love it. It arrived quickly and was packaged well. The wading pool is great because the kids don't have to walk on the grass to climb up the slide keeping it cleaner. It's a pretty good size for the money easily large enough for the neighbor kiddos to join in the fun. The wading pool is large and kept the little ones entertained. The only thing I would do different is the water cannon should have an on off valve switch. That is easily fixed with a run to your local hardware store. All in all a great buy so far.
Kaylee Jung posted on 09 Jun, 2015
This is probably the best summer purchase we've made so far! My 4-year old son LOVES it! He'll be on it for hours and hours and he has a great time playing with his friends. It takes me about 10 minutes to set everything up and probably about the same amount of time to bring it down (before I let it sit in the sun to dry). The only change I'd ask is that the cord to be longer. The instructions say not to use an extension cord so we haven't but we'd like to set up the water slide around different locations as to not kill the grass in one area since we use it so often. Other than that, it's been a great summer toy for our son and we'd definitely buy another one in the future in a heartbeat!
Paula Orr posted on 27 Jul, 2016
Verified Buyer
I bought this for my three nephews, ages 5, 8 and 10. They had so much fun! More importantly, my brother said set-up was easy and quick (important when there are 3 anxious boys waiting). The blower was not as noisy as other reviewers have commented. The Water Park rolls back up into a duffel bag like case and stores easily. More importantly and in all honestly, this was the most pleasant experience I have had with customer service. I ordered directly from Blast Zone, the Water Park was delivered in 2 days (and I don't think I had to pay for shipping). Truly nice people to deal with. And best of all, my nephews have had a blast!
    Ask A question

    Hi Rhona,

    We lengthened the pool this year, so most Hydro Rushes will be closer to 19'. The only difference is the short alcove/landing area at the base of the slide.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Leah,

    Obviously kids vary quite a bit in size, skill and interest, but in general we'd say 3-12. The Hydro Rush actually has one of the broader ranges of our lineup.

    Hope This Helps,
    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Lis,

    Specs are as follows:
    Max Gross Weight on Inflated Structure: 200 Lbs
    Max User Weight: 100 Lbs
    Max Users: 1 on slide, 1 climbing, 3 splash pool

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Alyssa,

    The 2 Year Promise is, in fact, a warranty. Similar to those on tires or a car battery, it is prorated as time goes on. However, because ours comes with a 1-year 100% warranty period instead of a sliding scale that starts on day 1, and because we feel the term "warranty" can be misleading on the front-end, we refer to it as a promise. Details are here: http://www.blastzone.com/2-yr-home-promise

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Jill,

    The Hydro Rush can support up to 200 lbs total, with each person weighing up to 100 lbs each. One person at a time on the climbing wall, and one at a time sliding.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Amy,

    Great question, and one we get a lot. The answer is, yes, you can definitely disable the cannon.

    There are 3 way to easily disable it, choose any of which work for you. We

    Dear Bev,

    The total weight capacity on the inflated structure is 200 lbs, with a max limit of 100 lbs per person.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Jennifer,

    The blower used for the Hydro Rush slide is the 480 watt model.

    You can find that blower on the accessories page of our website, or by navigating to this page: http://www.blastzone.com/home-inflatables/accessories

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Skye,

    Any of our water inflatables can be used without water, but in some cases, it is not the best idea because the slide is designed to be used with water. With regards to the Hydro Rush, because water in the splash area helps to stabilize the base, we do not recommend using this product without water.

    If you're looking for an item that can be used dry, a bouncer and slide combo would be a better choice.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Christine,

    The typical age range is 3-10 years.
    Users must be under 100 Lbs to use Blast Zone Home Inflatables. If a user is under this size, then they can use this inflatable at any age.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Lindsay,

    Yes! You can order a new sprayer system by calling us at 877-889-4685, or by navigating to the accessories section of our website.

    You can find the direct link to order online here: http://www.blastzone.com/home-use-inflatable-sprayer-hose-system-kit

    Simply select your item from the drop down menu and then add it to your cart.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Cathy,

    Details here: http://www.blastzone.com/blog/mail-zone-blower-loudness-concrete-and-the-differences-between-the-pirate-bay-and-pirate-blaster/

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Chenaie,

    The Hydro Rush slide was increased in length after release, so there appears to be some legacy info still there referring to the shorter slide length. Of the 2, the Hydro is a larger product, weighing in about 10lbs heavier, has a Curved Slide, Water Cannon, and larger Splash Area. The Splash Area configuration of the Hydro Rush Inflatable Slide leaves a better area for players to hang out in the water, without interfering with other players running from the base of the slide to the back to climb the slide repeatedly.

    The Spray N splash 2 is a little lighter and easier to set up and store. The straight configuration of the slide makes it a little easier to fold after use. The narrower path does not leave as much of a good place to hang out.

    Both items use Blast Zone exclusive materials and construction, so there is no difference in the build quality.

    Hope This Helps,
    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Dave,

    Run off water will collect and accumulate in the splash area during use, but these inflatables are not designed to retain water over extended periods. If you turned off the water, eventually the water would drain out through the seams at the bottom of the splash area. This draining occurs slowly over time.

    If you'd like to drain the splash area, you can you can push down on the rim around the splash area to let the water out that way. Alternately, turn off the water and the blower. As the inflatable deflates, the water in the splash area will run off naturally.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Gina,

    The slide itself on the Hydro Rush can support one child at a time, weighing up to 100 lbs.

    Blast Zone

    Dear Mario,

    The Hydro Rush will require 6-8 anchoring stakes for proper anchoring during use. The stakes you'll need will come included with your inflatable.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Bonnie,

    Yes, you can order a replacement sprayer assembly here: https://www.blastzone.com/home-use-inflatable-sprayer-hose-system-kit

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Andreia,

    The Hydro Rush is approximately 579 cm long, 320 cm wide, and 251 cm tall (at the top of the arch).

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Wendy,

    The Hydro Rush can support one person at a time on the climbing wall, and one at a time sliding. The weight capacity is up to 200 lbs total, with each person weighing up to 100 lbs each.

    This inflatable isn't designed for children over 100 lbs, but any of our commercial grade inflatable slides are designed for children or adults up to 250 lbs.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Cindy,

    Yes! All Blast Zone Inflatables come with the blower included.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Rochel,

    The length of the slide is 98 inches.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Lisa,

    The Hydro Rush is taller than the Spray N Splash 2. The Hydro Rush has a slide height of 67" while the Spray N Splash 2 has a 57" slide height.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Jen,

    At 67 inches tall, and 98 inches long (curved), the Hydro Rush would be our steepest and longest slide.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Keith,

    The slide dimensions are 98 inches long x 27 inches wide, and the splash area is approximately 19 feet long, about 8 feet wide, and about 6 inches deep (in terms of how much water it will hold).

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Stacy,

    A tarp can definitely help to protect the bottom of your inflatable from debris, and can help to keep your inflatable clean.

    For the Hydro Rush, you'll need a tarp that is at least 19 feet long, and at least 10.5 feet wide. It is also OK to use a tarp that is larger, such as a 20x20 foot tarp.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi J,

    The hose does have to run continually, but the sprayers require a very low flow, so they will work even without turning the water on high.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Maria,

    Replacement hose kits here: https://www.blastzone.com/home-use-inflatable-sprayer-hose-system-kit

    Blast Zone Support


    We've created a guide for disabling the sprayer cannons. You can find that here: https://www.blastzone.com/blog/how-to-turn-off-blastzone-water-cannon/

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Colleen,

    The best way to deflate your Hydro Rush after it is dry, is to open the smaller air tube, and also turn off and then disconnect the blower. These two open vents will allow the air to escape under the weight of the fabric. You can speed this process up by squeezing the extra air out as your fold it lengthwise and then roll it up like a sleeping bag. Use the included cinching straps to keep it contained for storage.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Annmarie,

    After your inflatable has been thoroughly dried and deflated, you can fold it lengthwise to roll it up like a sleeping bag, squeezing out any excess air as you go. Use the included cinching straps to keep it contained during storage.

    Your inflatable should be dried completely and stored after each use. It is best to store it in a cool, dry place where it will be protected from the elements and any overnight condensation or humidity, which may vary depending on your climate region.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Your Purchase Includes

    • Inflatable Unit

      The actual Inflatable Bouncer, Water Park or Inflatable Combo itself.

    • UL Listed Blower

      Blast Zone Inflatables operate using a constant flow of air fed from the included blower.

    • Sprayer Assembly (Water Parks Only)

      Attaches to the inflatable, and then to a standard garden hose. Use your spigot to control the sprayer flow.

    • Carrying Case or Straps

      A storage/carrying case or cinch straps - style varies depending on size/model.

    • Instruction Manual

      Step-by-step setup and safety rules.

    • Anchor Stakes

      The proper number of stakes to securely anchor your inflatable to the ground during use, for safety.

    • Optional: Sand Bags

      Add additional anchoring for safety, or use in situations where stakes cannot be used, such as indoors.

    • Optional: Play Balls

      Add to inflatables to create a ball pit, or just for more fun!

    Features & Specifications

    What’s Included:

    • Slide
    • Climbing Wall
    • Included Fan
    • Inflates in Seconds
    • Best Value
    • Inside Return Path
    • Commercial Vinyl Impact Surfaces
    • Double and Quadruple Stitching
    • Splash Area
    • Includes Storage Case or Straps


    • Inflated Dimensions: Approx 19' L x 10.5' W x 8.25' H
    • Slide Dimensions: 98"L x 27"W
    • Max Gross Weight on Inflated Structure: 200 Lbs
    • Shipping Size: 17" x 17" x 28"
    • Max User Weight: 100 Lbs
    • Recommended Age: 3+
    • Max Users: 1 on slide, 1 climbing, 3 splash pool
    • Blower: 480W
    • Product Weight: 48 Lbs
    • 57" Slide Ht

    How It Works

    • What To Expect From Your Inflatable

      Blast Zone Inflatables use a constant flow of air, fed from the included blower. As air is pumped in, some escapes through the seams in the material. This creates a stronger inflatable with ideal air pressure, so your Bouncer or Water Park supports as much playing as your kids want to do. Escaping air is all a part of the process.

    • You Just Need a Garden Hose

      Blast Zone Inflatable Water Parks and Slides include a sprayer system that attaches to a garden hose, keeping the slides just slippery enough to slide. A Flow restrictor reduces water use. You can also adjust the flow yourself by adjusting the spigot. The sprayers only require a minimal amount of water to maintain flow on the slides, and Splash Areas have water outlets to keep water levels no more than 6" for safety.

    • Fast, Frustration-Free Setup

      Blast Zone inflatables are up and ready for play in a matter of minutes - with most taking less than 2 minutes to inflate. To set up your bouncer or water park, simply unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, stake it down and turn the blower on. To take your inflatable down, just turn off the motor and it deflates on its own. Units roll up to the size of a medium to large sleeping bag and can be stored in the supplied storage case.

    • Durable, Safe Products

      Blast Zone takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality inflatables in the industry. Our home inflatables use commercial grade vinyl on all the bounce and slide surfaces. In addition, they are assembled with up to quadruple heavy duty stitching. We take your children's safety very seriously. By providing fully enclosed bouncers with safety netting and climbing surfaces with plenty of foot holes and safety handles, feel confident that your children will enjoy safe and fun play.

    • The Blast Zone Difference - Our Promise

      Blast Zone promises to provide stellar customer service. We back all our products with an industry leading warranty. Choose Blast Zone when you want an inflatable that is durable, safe, and designed for fun.

    Premium Quality, Ultimate Durability!

    Blast Zone vs. Other Brands

    Fast Shipping to US 48 - Price Guarantee - Thousands of In-Stock Inflatables
    Norton, BBB, Authorize.net and Google Trusted Shopping

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    Exclusive X-Weave Materials support icon not-support icon not-support icon
    Up to Quadruple reinforced support icon question icon not-support icon
    USA Based Support support icon question icon question icon
    Commercial Grade Impact Surfaces support icon question icon question icon
    2 year promise support icon question icon not-support icon
    Designed in the USA support icon question icon support icon
    Clean support icon not-support icon not-support icon
    Available Whenever you want it support icon question icon question icon
    Easy Setup support icon support icon question icon
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    BBB Rated support icon question icon question icon
    Blast Zone Strong

    Each Blast Zone Purchase comes with Leading Warranty and Support.

    At Blast Zone, we pride ourself on our industry-leading warranties. Residential inflatables are covered by a 1-Year Warranty and 2-Year Promise, while Commercial Inflatables have a 2-Year Warranty and 5-Year Promise.