Shark Park 10-in-1 Inflatable Play Park

You'll relax while they go Wild on this Giant Feature-Filled Fun Park!

✔ Thrilling Shark Theme!
✔ Huge size accommodates up to 9 kids!
✔ Commercial Grade Bounce Floor, Slide and Climber!
✔ Bouncer Fully-Enclosed with Safety Netting!
✔ Inflates Fast - Includes Blower, Storage Straps, Stakes! 
✔ Millions of Players Since 1995!

One of our largest residential water parks, the Shark Park 10-in-1 provides a lot of bounce for the buck. Kids will go Wild with the 8' long slide, 5' tall climbing wall, 3-person shark tank bouncer, 80 square foot splash pool, sprayers, and crawl tunnel.


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Inflatable Water Park

Shark Park

The enormous size of this water park makes it ideal when youíve got more than a handful of kids to keep entertained. With 1 child climbing, 1 sliding, 3 bouncing and 4 playing in the splash pool, 9 children can be on the inflatable at any one time.

The climbing wall includes safety handles, foot holes and a safety platform to ensure your kids always have something sturdy to hold onto while climbing. Plus, the bouncer is fully enclosed by safety netting. Between being soaked by the 3 shark fin sprayers attached to the splash pool and the sprayer above the slide, no one will stay dry for long.

Own the Amusement Park, For Less Than Renting!
Enclosed Ramp Entrance

Enclosed platform at top of slide keeps players safe

Crawl Tunnel

Crawl Tunnel from bouncer through slide to outside

Giant Slide

Long Slide with smooth landing approach

Giant Splash Area

Never pools up in splash areas more than 6” for safety purposes

Enclosed Bounce House

Fully Enclosed Bounce House with Safety Netting

3 Water Sprayers

3 Shark Fins spray water into splash area

Why Use Blast Zone?

We go the extra mile to provide the Safest, Highest Quality Inflatables possible, while giving you the Best Value and Buying Experience. No lip service - we take pride in what we do, and we stand behind these Principles.

Customer Reviews (137)

Rhonda Burrison posted on 07 Aug, 2016
Verified Buyer
The Shark Park 10- in-1 inflatable Play Park provided hours of fun for my 5 year old grandson at his birthday party. We had children between the ages of 4-8 years old at the party who loved the slide, tunnel and splash pool. Impressive water slide and pool depth for a great effective splash down. Works great with a garden hose. It is easy to set up, inflates in about 3 minutes, and easy to take down. We deflated it to let out the water, reinflated it until dry and then deflated it again. Total of ten minutes. We followed the way it was folded when we first unpacked it. And getting it into the storage bag was easy. The commercial vinyl made with double and quadruple stitching reinforced seams makes this inflatable a durable high quality item compared to other inflatables. Even the blower is outstanding. We Love it !
Matt posted on 29 Aug, 2014
Verified Buyer
The shark park is a hit with our 5 year old, 3 year old, and all of the neighbors. The combo kit was definitely a good choice. The kids love the slide, pool, bounce area, and crawl space tunnel. The shark definitely brings the wow. Size is perfect for multiple kids. Unit is in great condition after about 3 months and 15 uses. Only takes one person to assemble, collapse, and store. Solid product blast zone. Would like to meet the people in charge of this product. Love the fact that the price includes shipping, motor, and carrying bag. Can't say enough good things about this customer friendly company. Even the person who took my order was friendly, helpful, and high energy. Five stars from Iowa.
Adriana Blasco posted on 30 Jun, 2015
Verified Buyer
I am so glad I purchased the Shark Park this summer. I have two boys ages 3 and 6 and this purchase has transformed their summer from boredom to a blast. I was hesitant to make the purchase at first, afraid that the materials and craftsmanship of the item would be subpar, but upon opening the item in the box this concern was gone. It is very sturdy and well made. It is simple to set up as seen in the video and my boys play for hours due to the many different areas of play. Very happy with my purchase.
Louis Civello posted on 09 Apr, 2016
Verified Buyer
My two boys played on it for hours. It is too cold here for water yet so we filled it with play balls. The Shark Park sets up in seconds just by hammering in some spikes and turning the blower on. My two boys ages six and four, jumped, climbed, slid and wrestled on it all day. It seems very sturdy and appears to hold up to abuse. Clean up is a little more involved. It's difficult to fold, heavy and cumbersome to move. I'd imagine water adds more difficulty in clean up. We bought direct from blast zone instead of Amazon which saved us a few bucks. All in all, we love it and the kiddos are very happy!!
Michael Fuda posted on 09 Apr, 2017
Verified Buyer
We used it this morning and it was a blast! I filled it up with 1000 balls which was plenty and truly enhances the fun. The quality was better than I expected and setup literally was 2 minutes once you roll it out. I would easily and happily buy another product from BlastZone. One suggestion get the 75ft blower version.
Thaliya Harrington posted on 14 Apr, 2017
Verified Buyer
Our 2 kids Aged 4 and 5 love this! We bought it for their birthday and it was very easy to set up and its a lot bigger than I expected it to be in the pictures! We had up to 8 kids on it and they all enjoyed it. They play on it all day and it holds up great! The material is great and its super sturdy! We are definitely having other kids over to share the fun! All of the kids love it! I will be buying from Blast Zone from now on. This is an overall amazing product.
Jerris Bargas posted on 30 Mar, 2017
Verified Buyer
Not only is it excellently Constructed with easy to understand set up , take down, and care instructions. Your child or children will love it. Our son has used it several times since we first received it and its like the first time every time. The best part is as parents get them to exercise, climbing to the slide, bouncing, and swimming, and it tuckers them out so they sleep great. The only down side, he doesn't want to get out. It is easy to set up and easy to take down. All Around a wonderful investment in your child's happiness.
aja graham posted on 04 May, 2016
Verified Buyer
I purchased the shark 10 in 1 inflatable not knowing what to expect. But this went beyond my expectations my 2yr old and 4yr old really!!! Love it they play for hours. My husband sets it up and breaks it down fast. My 4yr old has autism and the jumping part is really good for him. We LOVE IT we are eventually going to order a commercial one for our house also!
Richard Curtin posted on 07 Aug, 2012
Verified Buyer
Received in time for BBQ with 10 kids all 7 and under. They all played on it at same time and LOVED it. Slide is great, pool is large and good for the younger ones and bounce house is solid (handled five kids at a time). So glad we purchased. Only hassle is putting away for storage which i am sure is the same with all water inflatables.
Richard Gloskey posted on 11 Aug, 2014
Verified Buyer
Got it for my son's birthday party and wanted to open it to make sure it worked and how to set it up before the party. Couldn't get the kids off of it to put it away. Day of the party best thing I got for the party didn't see the kids all day. Have used it several time now and just got it over month ago and love it.
    Ask A question

    Hi Jarika,

    While we display Balls in some images, they are always sold as optional accessories. They comes in boxes of 150-Count, which is approximately 3 cubic-feet of balls.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Lydia,

    All Blast Zone Inflatables include the blower; The blower runs the whole time. The water will also run as long as kids are using the slide. While it does not recirculate, you can open your hose spigot to the very minimum amount, and the sprayers will still function over the slide.

    Hope this helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Lynn,

    Mild detergents such as dish soap may be used. For more info on caring for inflatable water parks, please CLICK HERE.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi, The height of the Slide to the Ground is approximately 50"

    Hi, The walls are approximately 3' from the top of the bounce floor to the top of the pillars.

    Blast Zone Support


    The base pad under the Climbing Wall is just over 2' in length, and just over 15" in height. The height of the slide platform from the ground is approximately 5'.


    Blast Zone Support

    Hi, We do not ship outside the US and Canada, but can ship to your freight forwarder. We also have a distributor in Chile.

    Hi, The Shark Park ULTRA 10-in-1 Inflatable Play Park can be used without water, but the slide functions much better with water, and water in the pool helps stabilize the item. We might recommend going with a regular bouncer and adding a smaller waterslide if you decide to later. Please feel free to call us during business hours for more info.

    Hi, The Blast Zone blower can typically run for a few hours, but it really depends on temperature conditions. If possible, it is recommended to position the blower in the shade. All Blast Zone Blowers incorporate various safety mechanisms to prevent overheating. In the case the blower shuts off, it must be allowed to cool down for a couple hours before restarting. This is a safety feature, and the blower will not reach temperatures that pose any threat to any users or operators. When the blower is shut off, the water in the pool will be released into the nearby area. The "pools" are not designed to hold substantial water, and are instead designed as splash areas, for safety reasons. All Blast Zone Splash Areas already include overflow outlets to keep water from becoming too deep. We recommend running the hose on a low enough setting to simply wet the slide, and players will become plenty wet, and cool, from this activity. To do so, simply adjust your spigot. Safety ordinances and product designs essentially prevent these products from being actual pools that hold water.

    Hi, All Required accessories, including the Blower are included with all Blast Zone Inflatables. You will need a power source, and all Blast Zone blowers include a US plug and 120V motor.

    Hi, We do not ship outside of North America, but would deliver to the freight forwarder of your choice at no charge.

    Hi, All Blast Zone Inflatable Water Parks operate off a standard garden hose.

    Hi, The Shark Park ULTRA 10-in-1 Inflatable Play Park is recommended for kids ages 3+ as long as the users are 100lbs or less.

    Hi, To operate the sprayer system for the Shark Park ULTRA 10-in-1 Inflatable Play Park, and all blast zone inflatables, a garden hose must be connected. The garden hose valve will control the water flow through the sprayers. We recommend only allowing enough water to lubricate the slide in order to conserve water. However the flow is ultimately controlled by your water pressure and how far you have your hose valve open.

    Hi Julio,

    Yes you may use this dry, but the slide functions far better wet. Please make sure it is properly anchored, especially when used dry.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Meryl,

    All Blast Zone Home Use Inflatables come with our leading 1 Year full warranty and 2 year Promise. There is an included patch kit, but it is unlikely you will need it unless there is some sort of damage done to the inflatable. We recommend avoiding lawnmowers.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Mesa,

    The Shark Park ships with it's corresponding blower in one package that weighs 93 lbs. The shipping dimensions for this package are approximately 42" L x 17" W x 17" H.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Michelle,

    While our technical MFG recommendation is 3 & Up and users 100 lbs and under, the Shark Park is great for older kids as well. 7 is really a sweet spot. Depending on your 10-year-old's size and interests, the Shark Park may also be fun, but the Bounce House area might be a little smaller than a 10-year old would be into, so the slide would likely be the main interest.

    We typically find kids in that range are more interested in the slides, and might enjoy a more slide-focused item like the Hydro Rush, Spray N Splash 2, or Crocodile Isle. Either way, most 10-year-old's seem to enjoy the water slide features.

    Hope This Helps!
    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Shelly,

    The garden hose will attach to the orange female hose fitting on the included spray system. The sprayer system itself attaches to the inflatable using a series of small velcro tabs manufactured into the inflatable, that run along the base of the splash area and at the top of the slide.

    The easiest way to set it up the first time is as follows:

    Inflate the structure, and lay out the sprayer system where the fin sprayers are at the edge of the splash area, working your way back to the body of the slide.

    Next, the sprayer for the overhead portion of the slide attaches with a velcro backing near the teeth

    Finally, the hose fitting that attaches to the garden hose will hang off the side, near where the boy in the green shirt is looking up at the inflatable in the picture.

    Hope this helps,
    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Jennifer, Please see the specs tab for all available dimensions:

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately, since our products are engineered to specific blowers, we are now allowed to sell them without the blower, or they are not being distributed per engineered specification.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Jason,

    This item does not come with a cover and should not be left out over night.

    After each use, the inflatable should be dried completely and stored in a cool, dry place. This should be done even if it will be used again the next day.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Stacy,

    While we don't have a commercial grade Shark Park, we do offer a couple of shark themed commercial grade slides, which have a similar look to the Shark Park.

    You can view them here:

    and here:

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Ali,

    Yes, this inflatable can be used with playballs instead of water, but the splash area could actually hold several thousand playballs because the area is so large.

    We'd recommend starting with a smaller amount and building from there. Anything beyond 900-1000 balls becomes pretty cumbersome to clean up.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Katie,

    Financing is offered by a third-party, on commercial Inflatable purchases of $1,000 and over, via

    Your question is regarding a home-use inflatable, and unfortunately no payment plans are available for personal-use products. However, PayPal does offer bill-me-later. This MAY be available to you if you choose PayPal at checkout and follow their prompts.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Michelle,

    All the answers to your questions, plus more can be found in the specs tab on each item page.

    To answer specifically for the Shark Park, typically you may have up to 3 players in the splash area, 1 sliding, 1 climbing the slide, and "3" in the bouncer (that's a lot for the bouncer; really depends on age and size). It really doesn't matter what size the players are in the splash area, as long as they are not on the actual inflated structure, as most of the ratings are based on the air supply to the inflated portions.

    Home use Inflatables have a maximum user weight of 100 Lbs per user. Based on play habits, typically 12 year olds would enjoy the splash area more so than the inflated features.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Michael,

    Yes, 1000 is a fairly accurate guess. The answer is quite subjective depending on how full you'd like the ball-pit area to be. This inflatable can hold several thousand playballs because the splash area is so large.

    We'd recommend starting with a smaller amount and building from there. Anything beyond 900-1000 balls becomes pretty cumbersome to clean up.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Hello C.,

    You can view our complete return policy here:

    We cannot accept any returns after the item has been opened/used.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Georgia,

    The age range for the shark Park is 3+, players up to 100 lbs each. The same currently holds true for all Blast Zone Home Use Water Parks.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Amber,

    The Shark Park has a weight limit for 100 lbs per each user, 500 total, and the slide capacity is one person sliding at a time.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Gary,

    We are unable to ship to Israel. We currently only sell and ship our products in the US.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Kim,

    This item is recommended for children ages 3 and up. There is no maximum age, but there is a maximum weight capacity of 100 lbs per user.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Justin,

    Yes, the Shark Park does have an overhead sprayer on the slide.

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Emilia,

    We do not sell or ship our products in the UK. Currently we only offer deliveries to the US and Canada.

    You can read all about our shipping policies here:

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Sara,

    The Shark Park is an excellent choice for kids ages 6-10. Older kids tend to prefer sliding, and younger children usually gravitate toward the bounce area.

    With an inflatable like the Shark Park, you will have the best of both worlds and something to do for every age group. The bounce house area is smaller to leave room for the slide, but with so many play options in one park, it is usually easy to monitor kids and allow them to take turns on the slide and bounce area if they are all wanting to play on the same feature at once.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Angela,

    Punctures, holes, and tears can typically be repaired using a needle and strong thread or fishing line. While material is puncture resistant, it is not puncture proof. Using thread can keep the tear from running. The repair may be made by simply sewing up the tear itself, or sewing the patch to the inflatable. Alternately, the patch may be adhered using vinyl, fabric, & plastic flexible adhesive, which can be purchased at your local hardware store. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to sew the hole shut with thread, and then to place patches on top of that repair to reinforce it and to help avoid water from getting inside.

    If you need additional patches, please let us know, however, we are unable to provide the glue ourselves.

    I hope that helps!

    Blast Zone Support

    Dear Joe,

    You should never set your inflatable up on concrete or on any hard surfaces. If you are planning to set your inflatable up on a hard surface you will need ample padding for the ground.

    Safety should always be you're primary concern when determining where to set up your inflatable.

    As for the blower, yes it is in the back. The blower attached behind the bounce area on the right side.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Ashley,

    All of our residential inflatables generally use the same materials. However there are certain differences inherent between water parks and dry items. Water poses some additional challenges to setup and care.

    Items in our commercial category are heavier-duty.

    Blast Zone Support

    Hi Tereasa,

    The weight limit is 100lbs per user on the inflated portions.  There's no weight limit in the splash area, even adults are welcome!



    Blast Zone Supprot

    Your Purchase Includes

    • Inflatable Unit

      The actual Inflatable Bouncer, Water Park or Inflatable Combo itself.

    • UL Listed Blower

      Blast Zone Inflatables operate using a constant flow of air fed from the included blower.

    • Sprayer Assembly (Water Parks Only)

      Attaches to the inflatable, and then to a standard garden hose. Use your spigot to control the sprayer flow.

    • Carrying Case or Straps

      A storage/carrying case or cinch straps - style varies depending on size/model.

    • Instruction Manual

      Step-by-step setup and safety rules.

    • Anchor Stakes

      The proper number of stakes to securely anchor your inflatable to the ground during use, for safety.

    • Optional: Sand Bags

      Add additional anchoring for safety, or use in situations where stakes cannot be used, such as indoors.

    • Optional: Play Balls

      Add to inflatables to create a ball pit, or just for more fun!

    Features & Specifications

    What’s Included:

    • Slide
    • Spray Cannons
    • Included Fan
    • Inflates in Seconds
    • Fun Shark Theme
    • Includes Storage Case or Straps
    • Huge Splash Area
    • Huge Play Park
    • Bouncer
    • Crawl Tunnel
    • Commercial Vinyl Impact Surfaces


    • Inflated Dimensions: Approx 19' L x 11' W x 8.25' H
    • Interior Bouncer Dimensions: 76" x 65"
    • Slide Dimensions: 90"L x 25.5"W x 56"H
    • Max Gross Weight on Inflated Structure: 500 Lbs
    • Shipping Size: 17" x 17" x 42"
    • Max User Weight: 100 Lbs
    • Recommended Age: 3+
    • Max Users: 1 Slide, 1 Climbing, 3 Bouncer, 3 Splash Area
    • Blower: 680W
    • Product Weight: 93 Lbs
    • Double and Quadruple Stitching

    How It Works

    • What To Expect From Your Inflatable

      Blast Zone Inflatables use a constant flow of air, fed from the included blower. As air is pumped in, some escapes through the seams in the material. This creates a stronger inflatable with ideal air pressure, so your Bouncer or Water Park supports as much playing as your kids want to do. Escaping air is all a part of the process.

    • You Just Need a Garden Hose

      Blast Zone Inflatable Water Parks and Slides include a sprayer system that attaches to a garden hose, keeping the slides just slippery enough to slide. A Flow restrictor reduces water use. You can also adjust the flow yourself by adjusting the spigot. The sprayers only require a minimal amount of water to maintain flow on the slides, and Splash Areas have water outlets to keep water levels no more than 6" for safety.

    • Fast, Frustration-Free Setup

      Blast Zone inflatables are up and ready for play in a matter of minutes - with most taking less than 2 minutes to inflate. To set up your bouncer or water park, simply unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, stake it down and turn the blower on. To take your inflatable down, just turn off the motor and it deflates on its own. Units roll up to the size of a medium to large sleeping bag and can be stored in the supplied storage case.

    • Durable, Safe Products

      Blast Zone takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality inflatables in the industry. Our home inflatables use commercial grade vinyl on all the bounce and slide surfaces. In addition, they are assembled with up to quadruple heavy duty stitching. We take your children's safety very seriously. By providing fully enclosed bouncers with safety netting and climbing surfaces with plenty of foot holes and safety handles, feel confident that your children will enjoy safe and fun play.

    • The Blast Zone Difference - Our Promise

      Blast Zone promises to provide stellar customer service. We back all our products with an industry leading warranty. Choose Blast Zone when you want an inflatable that is durable, safe, and designed for fun.

    Premium Quality, Ultimate Durability!

    Blast Zone vs. Other Brands

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    USA Based Support support icon question icon question icon
    Commercial Grade Impact Surfaces support icon question icon question icon
    2 year promise support icon question icon not-support icon
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    Blast Zone Strong

    Each Blast Zone Purchase comes with Leading Warranty and Support.

    At Blast Zone, we pride ourself on our industry-leading warranties. Residential inflatables are covered by a 1-Year Warranty and 2-Year Promise, while Commercial Inflatables have a 2-Year Warranty and 5-Year Promise.