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bounce house heat temperature

Mail Zone (June 22nd, 2015)


Jill Asks:

I have been thinking of starting an inflatable slide and bounce house business and wonder what insurance I would need to cover liability when they are being rented out?


Blast Zone:

 Hello,Properly insuring your business is obviously important. You will be seeking liability insurance to cover your business and patrons.You may start by asking your current carrier to provide this sort of general business liability insurance, or look to a specialized company for your insurance needs. Inflatable Insurance may alternately be referred to as “amusement insurance” or “ride insurance” depending on your locale. You can typically get inflatable insurance with varying degrees of coverage depending on your needs or the size of your operation, and some plans are quite affordable.

Rates may depend on your projected revenue, number of inflatables bouncers, slides, obstacles, etc in your inventory, and a number of other factors. The company will also ask you to register the specific serial numbers of the commercial inflatable devices, in order to cover those specific inflatables. Make sure you are purchasing your inflatable from a reputable inflatable manufacturer, who follows serialization. Blast Zone Commercial Inflatables have the serial number on the front label. If you are in the process of purchasing a Blast Zone Commercial Inflatable, we can provide you the serial number at the time of shipping. If your device does not have a serial number, it is not ASTM compliant, and insurers will likely not insure it, so this is critical to running your business legally and successfully.

Blast Zone does not recommend any specific providers, but below are some resources from whom some of our customers have obtained insurance. Your local carrier may also be able to provide insurance.

Cossio Insurance Agency

Altemeier-Oliver & Co.

Evolution Insurance Brokers


Neil Oliver Insurance Company

Sterling & Sterling



Anonymous Hippopotamus Asks:

Can I use my inflatables if it’s over 90 degrees?


Blast Zone:

bounce house heat temperature

Here’s the logic behind this question:  Blast Zone instructional materials mention not to use inflatables in direct sunlight over 90 degrees.  This is to keep the surfaces from getting too hot, just like a park slide or blacktop becomes in high heat, and applies mostly to dry inflatable products or wet/dry Inflatables being used dry.  However, there are a number of ways to ensure surfaces don’t get too hot, even in higher heat.

Water Parks.  Water parks are obviously popular on hot days, so it would be a shame not to use them when Mr Sun is really pumping out the heat.  By running the water in your Inflatable Water Park, the surfaces will stay much cooler, so just  check surface temps with your hand once in awhile to make sure nothing is getting uncomfortably hot.

Shade.  By Setting your inflatable up in the shade, surface temperatures should not become such an issue.  Feel for hot surfaces the same as noted above.

Wet towels.  If a surface is becoming too warm, keep a wet towel on hand, and towel off the surface to cool it down.  In this case, surfaces can still heat up pretty quickly.  This typically applies to bouncers.

Even with these recommendations, it is the adult’s responsibility to make sure surfaces do not become too hot, which is possible in high heat.  If they feel too hot, even if you towel them off, kids should go do something else.

And remember, even in a cool water park, it’s easy to become dehydrated on hot days, so make sure kids and adults have plenty of water to drink!

Have a Blast!



Tiny Asks:

Question: when my 141lb daughter goes on the slide, it sinks. is this because the product is not fully inflated or because it can not support the weight exceeding 100lb?


Blast Zone:

Blast Zone Home Use Inflatables have a maximum user weight of 100 Lbs.  As long as the blower is on and the Inflatable Water Park is properly set up, it is likely the sink is caused by the user exceeding the weight limit by 41%

In our Blast Zone Mail Zone series, we answer good questions submitted by you,  our great customers.  Pardon us if we repeat ourselves occasionally.  Some questions are asked frequently, and worth answering more than once!

Blast Zone appreciates your questions.  If you’d like to submit a Mail Zone Question, please email us at  For immediate assistance, feel free to call us at 877-889-4685, or email us at


2 thoughts on “Mail Zone (June 22nd, 2015)

  1. Ordered the Shark Park 10 in 1 Inflatable for my son’s 8th birthday party. The kids had a blast and pretty much played on the Shark Park the entire time. Product arrived in time as promised.

  2. We received our “Spray N Splash 2 Water Park” several weeks ago Invoice date is 6/21/2015.
    Saturday July 25th I got it out of the box to get it ready for our Family Reunion. I could not believe how BIG it is!!! The value of the inflatable for the cost of it was amazing! We used it at the Reunion and it was a complete success!!! Thank you for the fun your company made possible with the affordable costs of your products… I now own a Jump House and Spray N Splash that I purchased from you and I intend to purchase more in the future….

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