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Why should I choose Blast Zone Commercial products?

Blast Zone is one of the largest manufacturers in the industry, manufacturing both residential and commercial-grade products, with hundreds-of-thousands of products in use worldwide. Our products are manufactured to ASTM standards, comply with CPSC regulations, and because the largest retailers in the world carry our line, have extensive engineering and testing. This is important to a business owner concerned with providing a safe user experience. Because we are global, we adopt the highest level of standards for each market we serve. The EU standard is commonly years ahead of US standards.
Our pricing is very competitive, and all our commercial-grade products are based on our most popular residential grade products, so their appeal is proven in the mass market already. When you buy from us you also currently get our industry-leading 5 year promise at no additional charge and become a "Blast Zone Partner," which entitles you to an additional 10% off future products as your business grows.